Enmu ( (えん) () Enmu?) was a member of the Twelve Demon Moons, having held the position of Lower Moon One.[1]


Enmu has pale white skin with yellow markings below his eyes. He has blue eyes, his left eye being marked with his rank in the Lower Demon Moons. He has short black hair that fades into red and blue at the end. He also wears a black tuxedo with a white shirt.


Enmu is very sadistic and enjoys the pain and suffering of humans, his favorite method of torment being giving them a happy and pleasant dream before turning it into a nightmare. He takes pleasure in the pain and suffering of others, enjoying the agonized expressions they make. This sadism even extends to his fellow demons as he took pleasure in seeing his fellow Lower Demon Moons being killed in front of him.

Like most Demons, Enmu has shown to have little to no care for human life, seeing humans as nothing more than mere pawns and does not bother to warn them of the various dangers of facing Demon Slayers, simply considering them to be expendable. He also seems to revel in turning humans into his desperate servants by using his power to give them nice and pleasant dreams, before pulling them out and falsely promising to give them more if they help him.

Enmu has also shown to be intelligent and cautious, having complete understanding of his power's strengths and weaknesses and making sure to both exploit and avoid them respectively in order to succeed. However, upon being given more blood and therefore further empowered by Muzan, Enmu seemed to have become overconfident, arrogant and greedy, as seen when he began to act more recklessly to obtain more blood in order to properly challenge one of the Upper Moons to a blood duel and take their place.



Functional Recovery Training Arc

Having been summoned to a meeting of the six Lower Moons, Enmu entered the room of winding staircases with his fellow demons. They were then confronted by a feminine-looking Muzan Kibutsuji, who demanded that they prostrate themselves, which Enmu quickly obeyed. He remains silent as his leader berated all of them for being too weak, with Muzan citing the death of Lower Moon Five, Rui, as his example.[2]

Demon Train Arc

Enmu remains silent as Lower Moon Six was brutally killed by Muzan after being eaten alive, with almost no reaction as Lower Moon Four was subsequently slaughtered similarly. He thought his comrade Lower Moon Three a fool as the latter panicked and attempted to flee, only to also be slain by their leader. He then listened as Lower Moon Two tries to convince Muzan of his usefulness, only for his efforts to inevitably fail to keep him alive. When asked for his final words, Enmu expresses joy at Muzan killing him personally and for the suffering of humans and his fellow Moons, thanking his leader for leaving him until last. He is then stabbed by a needle-like appendage and given some of Muzan's blood, along with the orders to kill the Demon Slaying Corps' Pillars and Tanjiro Kamado. Rolling around on the floor in agony, Enmu nevertheless laughed, Muzan's promise for more blood the only thing on his mind.[3]

Later, he stands upon the steam engine, remarking that dying while dreaming is a blessing.[4] One of Enmu's hands speaks with the train's conductor about the success of putting the Demon Slayers to sleep and did the same to him. It then addressed the other conspirators, cautioning them about how to proceed with their plan and of its host's temporary inability to move. Back on top of the train, Enmu's main body reflected on his plan to destroy his targets' spirit cores, rendering them completely vulnerable, and of the fragile nature of human hearts.[5] As his plan begins to unfold, he noted his victims' inability to wake up and stop his twisted scheme.[6]

Enmu then noticed that his human pawns were having trouble destroying the spirit cores, but decided that it was alright as they were simply buying time.[7] Shortly thereafter, he turns as Tanjiro approaches him, greeting him and stating that he showed him a pleasant dream, but could have made it a nightmare. Smiling, the demon then tells Tanjiro that his next dream would be of his father coming back to life.[8]

Enmu mused over his enjoyment of first showing humans pleasant dreams and then giving them nightmares, as well as the finer details of his plan, but also wondered how Tanjiro had figured out how to wake himself so quickly. He then noticed the Demon Hunter's earrings, much to his joy, his thoughts solely on receiving more of Muzan's blood and challenging the Upper Moons with his newfound strength. An enraged Tanjiro attempts to attack the Lower Moon, but Enmu quickly puts him to sleep. The youth just as quickly broke Enmu's technique, despite the Demon's multiple attempts, leading the surprised Lower Moon to compliment his determination. His neck was then severed by the furious Demon Hunter, but an unfazed Enmu merely stated that he now knew why his leader had wanted Tanjiro dead, and revealed to the shocked youth the reason for his continued survival: he had fused with the train while they had all slept. Taunting Tanjiro to protect the two hundred passengers inside of him, Enmu's severed head merges into the train.[9]

Thanks to Tanjiro and Inosuke Hashibira's joint effort, they manage to discover Enmu's head and subsequently, behead him by completely cutting off the train's top engine compartment. Enmu, in complete disbelief at his failure, begins to curse all the Demon Slayers, Nezuko, and the Upper Moons due to being inferior to them in power. As his body slowly disintegrates, he attempts to at least kill the weakened Tanjiro and Inosuke but only failed once more as his body began to crumble faster. While he died, Enmu begins to further curse his failure and frantically think that the entire debacle to be a nightmare and demanded to have a redo as he finally crumbled to nothing.

Abilities and Powers:

Demon Abilities

As Lower Moon One, Enmu was the strongest Lower Moon and closest to matching the strength of the Upper Moons. Upon receiving more blood from Muzan, his power and abilities were further enhanced. However, as seen from his defeat at the hands of Tanjiro and Inosuke, he was nowhere near the level of an Upper Moon Demon.

  • Regeneration - Like all demons, Enmu has powerful regenerative abilities. Due to being one of the Lower Moons, it is likely his self healing was above that of average demons.
  • Sleep Tickets - By mixing in his blood with ink on train tickets, Enmu can put anyone who held them to sleep, thus making them vulnerable to his powers.
  • Connecting Rope - Enmu can create a unique kind of rope, that, when tied to a sleeper trapped inside one of his dreams and an outsider, allows the outsider into that person's dreams. To enter into the victim's dreams, the outsider would first have to tie both ends of the rope to himself/herself then fall asleep by counting backwards.
  • Assimilation - Enmu also displays the ability to absorb and incorporate himself into large, inanimate objects. He was able to assimilate a train and transform it into his main body, planning on eating the over 200 hundred passengers on his new train body.
  • Flesh Detachments - Enmu has shown the ability to create flesh detachments from his own flesh and blood, being able to create and detach one of his own hands and send it out independent from his main body. Later upon being given more blood from Muzan, he was able to create a detachment as large as a human body in order to fool others into thinking that it was his real body.

Blood Demon Technique ( (けっ) () (じゅつ) Kekkijutsu?): Enmu's main ability is his power to enter, manipulate and control someone's dreams. He is even capable of killing someone by destroying their "Spiritual Core" inside the dream, effectively destroying their mind, but not their bodies. However there is a danger of being affected and possibly mentally changed by the unconscious mind. For this reason Enmu, instead of entering the mind himself, has someone else enter into the target's dream.

  • Compelling Hypnotic Whisper ( (きょう) (せい) (こん) (とう) (さい) (みん) (ささや) Kyōsei kontō saimin no sasayaki?)[10] - A mouth forms on his hand, which tells the target to sleep and forces them to fall asleep.
  • Coerced Swooning Sleep: Eyeballs ( (きょう) (せい) (こん) (とう) (すい) (みん) (まなこ) Kyōsei kontō suimin: manako?)[11] - Enmu creates multiple eyes on which is written "Dream" and upon looking into them, the target falls asleep.




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