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Together Forever (ずっと一緒にいる Zutto Issho ni Iru?) is the 10th episode of the Kimetsu no Yaiba TV anime series.


Tanjiro is in the midst of a battle and he must hold out against Yahaba’s strongest Blood Demon Art, using different Water Breathing techniques one after another. Meanwhile, Nezuko and Susamaru are still battling it out. Worried, Tamayo unleashes her own Blood Demon Art…[1]


After forcing his arrows to bend to his own path and closing the distance, Tanjiro successfully decapitates the Arrow Demon Yahaba. He comments that while the Whirlpool loses force while it's not underwater, the arrows gave it extra power. Yahaba curses Tanjiro for defeating him as all he wanted to do was bring his head to Muzan and gain his approval. He becomes enraged at his head touching the dirt and declares he will kill Tanjiro as he dies.

Tanjiro caught in Yahaba's final attack.

Using multiple arrows, he grabs Tanjiro's body and throws him towards a wall at high speed. Tanjiro realizes the arrows are stronger than before and uses Water Breathing, Fourth Form: Striking Tide to stop the attack from splattering him against the wall. As he lands, he is pulled by another arrow high into the air, quickly using Second Form: Water Wheel to stop the momentum. He is grabbed by another and pulled towards the house, utilizing Eight Form: Waterfall Basin to stop his descent.

Yahaba relentlessly continues his last stand, forcing the Demon Slayer to then use Water Surface Slash, Drop Ripple Thrust, Curve and Whirlpool continuously to save himself. Using so many forms consecutively saps Tanjiro's energy but the Arrow Demon continues his assault while he fades into ash. Tanjiro continues to use various Water Breathing forms to save himself from the arrows until Yahaba finally disintegrates for good. Upon his death, the arrows disappear but Tanjiro plummets to the ground. Exhausted and injured, he is too weak to even grip his sword but Tanjiro is determined to reach his allies and defeat the Temari Demon, biting his sword and crawling to them.

As Susamaru continues the fight, she uses her temaris to kick up a dust cloud to hide herself. Yushiro tries to hide himself in the cloud but Susamaru sees where the dust is being moved as he runs through. She quickly hurls a temari at the demon; Yushiro is nearly hit but is saved by Nezuko deflecting it with her healed foot. He admonishes Nezuko for rashly attacking but she sees her brother Rokuta's image in him, patting Yushiro's head to his chagrin. Susamaru hurls another temari but Nezuko kicks it to stop its momentum. Yushiro watches Nezuko's sudden power and asks Tamayo on what she did.

Nezuko and Susamaru trade kicks.

Annoyed at thinking she can use her own attacks against her, Susamaru kicks a temari at the young demon, who returns it with considerable force. The two trade kicks and launch the temari back and forth at each other, kicking harder and harder as the temari gains considerable force each time. Tamayo explains that she only used a healing serum on Nezuko, which doesn't increase power. Instead, they are witnessing Nezuko's own strength increasing without even consuming blood. Eventually, Nezuko kicks the temari hard and fast enough to cause even Susamaru to dodge its path to safety. Despite this, Tamayo knows that should Susamaru utilize her true potential, Nezuko would be defeated too; she looks at her arm and thinks of a plan.

Tamayo confronts Susamaru.

Somewhat impressed, Susamaru calls Nezuko an "amusing little girl" and prepares to go all out. Before she can, Tamayo stands in front of Nezuko and talks to her. Susamaru dismisses her as the fugitive but Tamayo asks if she knows about Muzan's true identity, shocking the demon. Tamayo explains that Muzan is nothing but a coward in constant fear, angering the Temari Demon. She continues by saying the reason demons don't form groups is to prevent them from banding together to attack him, and Muzan himself manipulates demons into acting like this, like her. Susamaru curses Tamayo for insulting Muzan; and as he watches the confrontation, Yushiro sees Tamayo's arm bleeding.

Tamayo uses Magical Aroma of Daylight to lure Susamaru.

Susamaru raves about Muzan's incredible power and declares he isn't petty enough to do such a thing, but while doing so, she says Muzan's last name. Upon realizing, she grows horrified at what she has done; Tamayo raises her arm to reveal her Blood Demon Art and tells her what she's done, trigger the curse. Yushiro sees she has used Magical Aroma of Daylight, a potent spell that weakens a target's brain function. rendering them unable to lie or keep secrets. Seeing the distressed demon, Tamayo says she pities Susamaru but nonetheless farewells her.

Susamaru is harmed by Muzan's curse.

Susamaru runs away and begs for forgiveness from Muzan but her body begins to change. She hunches over in pain as Tanjiro crawls to the scene, watching what is happening. Without warning, giant demonic arms rupture out of Susamaru's body and mouth. As Tanjiro, Tamayo and Yushiro witness the scene in horror, the arms begin to brutally destroy Susamaru's body. After the carnage, they look at what remains of the Temari Demon; Tanjiro asks if she is dead but Tamayo explains she is still yet to die and will do so momentarily.

She states that is the effect of the curse and she was killed by Muzan's cells still inside her. She goes on by saying that while demons are normally unable to harm each other, Muzan alone is capable of destroying demon cells. Suddenly, Yushiro runs over to Tanjiro and pushes a cloth to his nose, warning him not to inhale Tamayo's spell, being harmful to humans, while Tanjiro acknowledges.

Tamayo calls over Tanjiro and shows that Susamaru isn't one of the Twelve Kizuki. She explains that they have a number engraved on their eyeballs but points to Susamaru's detached eye and notes that it doesn't possess one. She surmises that Yahaba also didn't have one and believes they are too weak to be true members. Stunned by her statement of them being too weak, Yushiro adds that they were stupid demons, admonishing Susamaru for hurting Tamayo and claiming she deserved her demise. Nonetheless, Tamayo extracts a vial of her blood, hoping it may prove useful regardless. She then leaves to tend to Nezuko, who had accidentally inhaled her spell; Yushiro, unwillingly to leave her, runs away and leaves Tanjiro on his own to assist Tamayo.

Tanjiro gives Susamaru her last temari.

Tanjiro suddenly hears a voice, a girl asking for a temari. He hears it coming from Susamaru's remains and kindly places her last temari next to it. The voice asks to play with him while Tanjiro sadly notes that despite murdering numerous people, she was still a little girl. The sun then rises to a new day; as Susamaru's remains and blood burn away, Tanjiro laments that she was manipulated into thinking she was of the Twelve Kizuki, manipulated and compelled to fight just to be killed by a curse.

He finds no salvation in her fate, as nothing will remain of her and death is the price she paid for killing others. He blames her demise on Muzan and asks if this is how he treats even those who worship him, deeming him, "a true demon".

With the sun up, the demons have moved to the house's basement. Tanjiro walks down to see them and finds Nezuko all healed. She quickly hugs him in relief but unexpectedly turns to hug Tamayo as well. Yushiro becomes incensed at her touching Tamayo but she brushes aside his concern and states she does not mind. At this, Yushiro denies what he just said and says Tamayo is kind-hearted, while noting her beauty. Nezuko also begins to pat Yushiro's head gently, annoying him. Tamayo comments that Nezuko had been behaving like this since waking up and is worried for her; Tanjiro calms her concern and states she probably thinks of them as members of her family.

Surprised, Tamayo notes that Nezuko is bound to believe that all humans are family, not demons. Tanjiro explains that Nezuko simply sees them as humans. He comments that he was initially hesitant to let Nezuko get put under a spell but seeing she retains her own will, he does not mind now. Tamayo suddenly begins to cry; shocked, Tanjiro quickly apologizes and begs Nezuko to stop hugging and move away from her. Instead, Tamayo hugs her closer and tearfully thanks the little girl. Seeing her vulnerable, Yushiro remembers when he was found by Tamayo, terminally ill. She asks if he is willing to become a demon as his illness will soon kill him. But as a demon, he will lose his humanity, causing him pain and grief. Asking the boy again, Yushiro weakly turns to see Tamayo.

Tamayo states that having come close to Muzan, she and Yushiro will leave the region. They must conceal themselves again soon or face another risk. She also states that despite hiding her identity, working with people as a doctor, some can determine her true nature as a demon. Tamayo asks if Tanjiro is willing to let them take Nezuko in, while Yushiro shows his disapproval. Though Tanjiro knows she will be safer not engaging in battle, he thanks her for her concern but states they will be staying together, unwilling for them to be apart.

Having received her answer, Tamayo wishes them good fortune in battles to come, while Yushiro bluntly states they must now erase all traces of themselves, asking them to depart now. Tanjiro returns the sentiment to the demons. As Nezuko runs away, he chides his sister for running away but is called upon by Yushiro; he admits that Nezuko is a beauty, causing Tanjiro to laugh at his final acknowledgement.

A Demon Slayer begs a woman to marry him.

Outside, his Kasugai Crow repeatedly directs him to a new mission south-southeast, constantly nagging the Demon Slayer with its continuous statements. Suddenly, they hear a loud "please"; they turn to the source and find a yellow-clad Demon Slayer harassing a woman into marrying him, claiming he can die any time and begging her to marry him, as Tanjiro watches the unusual scene in surprise.

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