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Something More Important Than Life (命より大事なもの Inochi yori Daiji na Mono?) is the 13th episode of the Kimetsu no Yaiba TV anime series.


Tanjiro struggles to fight against Kyogai, the master of the mansion, as the room spins every time the demon plays his tsuzumi drums. Debilitated by the broken bones he sustained in his previous battle, Tanjiro must reassure himself as he desperately fights on against Kyogai’s overwhelming Blood Demon Art. Will he find a way to slice off Kyogai’s head?[1]


The entire house shifts its orientation suddenly, throwing Zenitsu Agatsuma and Shoichi outside through a second story window.

The room Tanjiro Kamado is in flips, sending papers from a cabinet flying across the room. When Tanjiro lands, he takes care not to step on them. This causes Kyogai to recall how, as a human, he loved to write but was belittled, his writing discarded, though Tanjiro took care not to step on it.

Tanjiro figures out how to take quicker shallow breaths and reinforce the muscles around his leg to compensate and also becomes able to smell the claw attack coming. This lets him get close enough to cut off Kyogai's head by using the Water Breathing, Ninth Form: Splashing Water Flow, Turbulent, but he tells him his Blood Demon Art was incredible before decapitating him.

Before he dies, Kyogai finds himself crying as Tanjiro has recognized his blood art and writing. Using a hollow knife made by Yushiro, Tanjiro collects a blood sample, which is taken by an enchanted cat of Yushiro's with an invisibility spell before looking for Kiyoshi and Teruko. He is greeted by a book to the face when he finds them as their drum had vanished and they could not shift anymore, but they quickly apologize.

He takes them outside where he finds a boar masked Demon Slayer kicking a badly wounded Zenitsu, who is protecting Nezuko Kamado's box. The "boar" had come out of the house after Zenitsu and tried to destroy the box since he was getting a demonic vibe from Nezuko within.

Zenitsu recognizes him as the Fifth survivor of the Final Selection, who was at the end but did not show himself. Zenitsu already knew there was a demon in Tanjiro's box as he could hear her breathing and heartbeat but trusted Tanjiro had a reason for declaring it was more important then his life and protects it. As Tanjiro sees Inosuke about to stab Zenitsu, he shouts at the boar masked Demon Slayer to stop and rushes toward him, ready to attack.

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