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Master of the Mansion (お館様 Oyakata-sama?) is the 22nd episode of the Kimetsu no Yaiba TV anime series.


After the battle, Tanjiro and Nezuko are taken into custody to the Demon Slayer Corps headquarters. This is where the Hashira Meeting between the head of the Corps, Ubuyashiki, and the Hashira – the most powerful swordsmen in the Corps – is to be held.

Tanjiro is put on trial by the Hashira for violating Corps rules by protecting a demon. And the Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, draws his sword against Nezuko…[1]


Tanjiro lies before the Hashiras.

In an unknown location, an unconscious and restrained Tanjiro lies in a stone garden. A Kakushi commands him to wake up and he jolts up to see swordsmen before him. One of them speaks of his disappointment in seeing him, having heard a Demon Slayer was travelling with a demon and believing they would be “someone flamboyant”. Another decides they should all put him on trial. A girl among them is stunned to see him protecting his demon sibling, amazed by their sibling love. When Tanjiro tries to ask who they are, the Kakushi pushes his head into the ground, telling him not to speak as he is in the presence of the Hashiras. Confused at what a Hashira is, Shinobu, who is among them, tells him he is in the Demon Slayer Headquarters and will now be put on trial.

The Sound Hashira offers to kill Tanjiro "flamboyantly.

Shinobu asks Tanjiro to explain his crime but is interrupted by the loud and proud Flame Hashira, Kyojuro Rengoku; he states it is a clear violation to protect a demon and they are allowed to dispense justice. He is joined by the eccentric Sound Hashira, Tengen Uzui. He offers to decapitate Tanjiro “flamboyantly” and proclaims he will show “the most flamboyant blood spray you’ll ever see”. Meanwhile, The Love Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji, is hesitant to kill “such an adorable child” and is unwilling to act. Gyomei Himejima, the hulking Stone Hashira, instead sees him as pitiful and pities that he was born. The Mist Hashira on the other hand, Muichiro Tokito, is looking and wondering at the shape of a cloud in the sky, ignoring the situation.

Obanai claiming that Giyu should be punished as well.

When Tanjiro looks around the garden, the Kakushi asks him why is he ignoring the Hashiras, stating they are the nine most powerful swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Corps. Gyomei decides they should kill him and his decision is joined by Tengen. Tanjiro looks for Nezuko, Zenitsu, Inosuke, and Murata but is unable to see them. One Hashira instead wants to question Giyu; Tanjiro looks into the trees and sees someone, who states he is annoyed at seeing him unrestrained as Shinobu said that Giyu had violated the rules as well. He is the Serpent Hashira, the cold and harsh Obanai Iguro. Obanai asks how can they punish him and asks Giyu to defend his actions.

Giyu, revealed as the Water Hashira, doesn’t respond to their questions. Shinobu, the Insect Hashira herself, insist they can deal with him later since he willingly came along. Instead, she is curious about Tanjiro’s story, wanting an explanation despite the clear violation of the rules. She plainly asks him why he is travelling with a demon as a Demon Slayer. Though he is given ample time to explain, Tanjiro attempts to say who the demon is but then struggles to speak and breathe. Shinobu gives him medicated water to help with the pain; she asks him not to push himself as his wounds have not healed yet.

Tanjiro tells his story; the demon is his younger sister. When he was away, his family was attacked by a demon and Nezuko was transformed. Despite this, she has never devoured anyone. Obanai doesn’t believe him, stating it is simply because she is family that he is defending her. Gyomei, upon hearing that she was transformed, adds that they must kill her too, “so that she can be liberated”. Tanjiro begs them to listen and explains he became a swordsman to heal Nezuko, adding that she has not devoured anyone for two years. Instead, Tengen finds his story “drab” and states that not eating anyone then doesn’t prove she perhaps might.

Mitsuri remains unsure of the situation.

Tengen demands him to prove himself “with max flamboyance”. Muichiro ignores them, instead looking and wondering about a bird he sees flying above him. However, Mitsuri is unsure they can proceed, not believing “the Master” is unaware of the situation and asking if they can act without his permission. Seeing them still unwilling to listen, Tanjiro claims she can fight alongside him in battle and protect people as a Demon Slayer. They are then joined by someone carrying Nezuko’s box. He enjoys the tense situation and insults Tanjiro as the “moron Demon Slayer with a demon”. The Wind Hashira, the aggressive and brash Sanemi Shinazugawa, bluntly asks what he is trying to do.

Tanjiro head butts Sanemi.

A Kakushi begs him to put down the box and Shinobu gets up, with Mitsuri seeing her unusually angry. Shinobu asks him not to step out of line. Instead, Sanemi claims Tanjiro’s statement about her fighting is a “total delusion”, angrily drawing his sword and stabbing into the box, wounding Nezuko in the shoulder. Tanjiro gets up and claims he will not let anyone hurt Nezuko, Hashira or not. Sanemi laughs at his threats, causing Tanjiro to run towards him. Giyu then announces that the Master is arriving; shocked, Sanemi loses concentration and misses his swing, allowing Tanjiro to leap into the air and head butt him square in the forehead, knocking him down.

The Master of the Hashiras.

Everyone is shocked to see someone attack Sanemi. Tanjiro protects the box and claims he should quit being a Hashira if he can’t see the difference between good and bad demons. Sanemi grabs his blade and threatens to kill him when they are interrupted by the Master’s arrival. A blind and sickly looking man appears; guided by his two aides, he makes his way before the Hashiras. The Master comments on the nice weather and states he is pleased they have made it to their semi-annual meeting. Tanjiro wonders about the man’s appearance and well-being but is suddenly pushed to the ground by Sanemi. He then sees the other Hashiras bowing to the Master.

Sanemi eloquently offers him greetings, pleased about seeing him in good health and wishing good fortune through continual prayers, to which a dismayed Mitsuri mutters that she wanted to offer her own similar greetings to the Master. Sanemi asks him about Tanjiro, who is shocked to see him speak with formal vocabulary when he initially appeared brutish. The Master apologizes to them for the situation but unexpectedly reveals he has sanctioned Tanjiro and Nezuko's circumstances, adding that he would like them to accept it as well.

Gyomei states he cannot agree, despite knowing it is the Master’s intention. Tengen concurs with him but Mitsuri quickly accepts his wishes. Muichiro states he will agree to accept them as well, only because he might forget about it later. Obanai remains distrustful of the siblings and Kyojuro exuberantly opposes the Master’s decision. Sanemi requests for both Tanjiro and Giyu to be punished.

A letter from the former Water Hashira Sakonji Urokodaki.

With his answers, the Master asks for one of his aides to read a letter. She explains this letter was given by a former Hashira, Sakonji Urokodaki. Reading an abridged version, the letter explains his wish for permission to be granted that would allow Tanjiro to be with Nezuko. Due to her resilient mental strength, she hasn’t lost her human emotions. Nezuko has never devoured anyone for two years, even while injured. Sakonji explains that in the aftermath of when she does attack someone, Tanjiro, himself, and Giyu will atone by committing seppuku. Tanjiro tears up seeing Giyu after learning of his willingness and devotion to protecting Nezuko.

Sanemi rejects their promise and states they can die regardless, adding that it is not guaranteed. Kyojuro agrees and comments that her killing a human is irreversible. The Master agrees that it isn’t sure she won’t attack but adds that it is also unsure that she will, citing the fact that Nezuko has refrained for two years. With three people risking their lives for her cause, the Master implores the Hashiras to try a more convincing argument; at this, Sanemi and Kyojuro grow hesitant.

The Hashiras learn that Tanjiro has met Muzan Kibutsuji.

The Master then adds one important fact; Tanjiro has met Muzan Kibutsuji. The Hashira are in disbelief, with Tegnen even stating that they have not crossed paths with him. He asks Tanjiro about his appearance and powers, with Muichiro asking if he fought him. Sanemi’s way of asking involves handling Tanjiro’s head by his hair and bombarding him with questions. When he and Tengen raise their voices in an argument, the Master calmly signals for them to be quiet, leading the Hashiras to remain silent. He states that Kibutsuji had sent demons after Tanjiro; though it may be simply to kill him, the fact that Kibutsuji had revealed himself for the first time cannot go unnoticed.

The Master also believes that something happened to Nezuko that even surprised the Demon Progenitor. He asks if the Hashiras understand their importance but they don’t respond. Sanemi speaks up and disagrees; he bluntly states it is completely unacceptable to let a demon live, especially not with the countless lost lives of people. He suddenly draws his sword and slices his forearm, shocking everyone. Sanemi aims to prove a demon’s true nature, concerning the Master. He allows his blood to drop onto Nezuko’s box and taunts her, the blood seeping through the wood and falling on her hand, causing the demon to groan.

Sanemi goads Nezuko with his own blood.

As Tanjiro calls out to her, Obanai adds that it might not be wise to do it in the sunlight, advising him to do it in the shade. Sanemi apologizes to the Master for his discourtesy and leaps into the Headquarters, before proceeding to stab Nezuko again. Tanjiro calls out to Nezuko but Obanai leaps up and slams his elbow into his back to hold him down. Sanemi stabs her a third time and opens the box. In front of everyone, Nezuko emerges from the box and stares at Sanemi, salivating after smelling his blood.

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