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Tsuguko, Kanao Tsuyuri (継子・栗花落カナヲ Tsuguko, Tsuyuri Kanao?) is the 25th episode of the Kimetsu no Yaiba TV anime series.


Tanjiro, who's undergoing rehabilitation training at the Butterfly Mansion, works hard to keep up his Total Concentration Breathing techniques all day long. Though at first, he's helpless against Kanao, a swordswoman in his class who's training him, he slowly but surely begins to make some headway. Seeing Tanjiro devote himself to training every single day, Zenitsu and Inosuke resume training as well, but...[1]


Tanjiro recruits the Kocho triplets to attack him if he stops doing Total Concentration Breathing while he sleeps. Tanjiro recognizes that the longer he keeps his breathing up the great stamina boost he gets. He can now keep up with Kanao, and explode a small gourd with his breath.

Zenitsu and Inosuke watch realize they're being left behind. They ask Shinobu what Tanjiro's doing and she explains. She then encourages them by taunting Inosuke for not being strong enough to do it and telling Zenitsu by saying she's his cheerleader. They join Tanjiro in his training.

Kanao watches the boys train and flips a coin to determine if she should join them, thinking back to her childhood. They lived in poverty and her father abused and starved her and her siblings to the point she broke. Even when her parents sold her into slavery she felt nothing. As she was walked to be sold off again by her new owner they were stopped by Shinobu and her older sister, Kanae. Kanao didn't speak when Kanae addressed her, not ever having been given a name. Kanae felt sorry for her so the siblings bought/stole Kanao and ran off with her.

Kanao was so broken she had no will of her own, not even eating unless she was told. Kanae gave her a coin she could flip to help her decide things, which exasperated Shinobu, though Kanae told her a human soul would open up if given a chance.

Kanao decides not to join the boys in their training by the coin.

The reforged swords of Inosuke and Tanjiro are delivered to the manor, though Haganezuka tries to kill Tanjiro. The other sword-forger, Kanamori, introduces himself, having remade Inosuke's swords. He's very mild-mannered until Inosuke uses a rock to chip them like his old ones were, and then threatens to kill him.

The next day in training Tanjiro wins against Kanao. Zenitsu and Inosuke train even harder to catch up to him. Tanjiro is declared physically fit and asks Shinobu about his father's Hinokami Kagura Dance, which she's never heard of, and his father's Fire Breathing, which she also doesn't know. She tells him about Flame Breathing, but that the naming is very strict and must be called Flame Breathing, never Fire Breathing. She doesn't know the details and advises him to ask Rengoku next time he sees him.

Tanjiro visits Nezuko, who has been asleep since their arrival at the manor. He's a little daunted by everything he must do: help Nezuko, defeat strong demons, and get their blood to Tamayo but he thinks he hears the sleeping Nezuko speaking to him, encouraging him. On a train, a demon kills and eats the passengers.

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