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Akaza (猗窩座 Akaza?) is the 32nd episode of the Kimetsu no Yaiba TV anime series, and the 6th episode of its second season.


After finally severing Enmu’s neck, Tanjiro and Inosuke get thrown off of the Mugen Train when it derails. Sustaining injuries all over his body, Tanjiro is relieved to hear from Rengoku that all the passengers are safe. At that very moment, another demon appears before them...[1]


The train derailed from Enmu's shock

After Tanjiro successfully beheads Enmu, the demon's flesh falls off the cars but the Lower Rank's screams cause the Mugen train to derail at high speed. A sudden impact causes Tanjiro, Inosuke and the unconscious engineer to be flung into the air, Tanjiro desperately attempting to save him. The train flies off the tracks and skids down the ground, as Tanjiro himself rolls helplessly through the dirt. Inosuke safely lands on Enmu's soft flesh and runs to his comrade, asking for his wellbeing. Though he answers back, Tanjiro realises the wound to his stomach and from rolling across the ground will stop him from moving.

Tanjiro asks if the engineer and passengers are safe, to which Inosuke responds the engineer is pinned by his legs under the cars. He refuses to help, still angered at him for stabbing Tanjiro and adding he will likely never walk again. Tanjiro begs him, telling his friend the man has already atoned for his sin, to which Inosuke finally relents and goes to help him free. As he lies down to rest, believing Nezuko, Zenitsu and Kyojuro are safe, a small conscious piece of Enmu's flesh crawls out the wreckage.

Lower Rank One falls.

Slowly disintegrating, he curses himself for being unable to eat even one of the 200 passengers, then pins the blame on the Flame Hashira, having thwarted his plan to devour them while fused with the train. He curses Zenitsu, who fought him while still asleep and becomes bewildered at a demon like Nezuko stopping him as well. He crawls towards the Demon Slayer who defeated him, while muttering it was Tanjiro in the first place who ruined his plan, as well as Inosuke and his excellent intuition. As his flesh begins to fade, he laments only the Lower Ranks get killed whilst the Upper Ranks stay alive for centuries. In his final moments, Enmu begs for another chance while being terrified at the nightmare that is his death, as Lower One finally falls.

Tanjiro is suddenly met by Kyojuro, who commends him for mastering Total Concentration, Constant. He tells him Constant is the first of many steps to being a Hashira and advices him to increase his control and breathing precision. Kyojuro tells him a blood vessel in his abdomen is torn, assisting him in internally stopping the blood. The Hashira tells him he will be stronger than he was yesterday, then adds that none of the passengers are injured, to Tanjiro's relief.

Upper Rank Three appears.

Out of nowhere, a blast erupts from behind them. As Kyojuro and Tanjiro look behind, a figure emerges from the dust cloud. Tanjiro reads the kanji in the figure's eyes and becomes horrified he is staring at Upper Rank Three. The demon looks at Tanjiro and suddenly disappears, rushing forward to kill him. Kyojuro reads the attack and slashes the demon's arm with Flame Breathing, Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun. The demon flips back and heals the slash in moments, while complimenting his blade. Kyojuro asks why the demon would attack the injured first, to which he responds he was worried Tanjiro would get in the middle of their chat. Kyojuro retaliates by stating despite having just met , he already dislikes him. Upper Three states he is simply disgusted by the weak, then proposes he transform into a demon too, to which Kyojuro refuses.

Akaza activates Destructive Death: Compass Needle

He asks for Kyojuro's name and then introduces himself as Akaza. He tries to goad him again, telling him as a demon, he could train and become stronger for centuries to come. Tanjiro notices the scent he emits is by far the strongest of Muzan he's faced thus far. Kyojuro tells Akaza that growing old and dying is part of being human, telling him strength is not just about the body. He retorts that Tanjiro isn't weak and refuses again to become a demon. Angered at his refusal, Akaza activates his Blood Demon Art, a glowing aura called Technique Development, Destructive Death: Compass Needle. As he prepares to fight, Akaza tell Kyojuro his refusal will only lead to his demise.

Akaza and Kyojuro trade blows.

He rushes forward and strikes, while Kyojuro parries his numerous blows and returns the attacks, the clash can't be followed by Tanjiro, who is too slow to see the battle. Akaza taunts him by mentioning none of the Hashira he faced were Flame Hashiras and that everyone he's killed refused his offer, confused at why. Kyojuro manages to slice his forearm off but Akaza regrows it in moments. Akaza leaps into the air and uses Destructive Death: Air Type, sending numerous shockwaves at the Hashira. Kyojuro blocks the incoming assault with Flame Breathing, Fourth Form: Blooming Flame Undulation. Realising a battle at range will prove tricky, Kyojuro rushes towards Akaza to close the gap and narrowly catches his neck. Akaza, unfazed, continues his numerous blows while taunting Kyojuro that his skills will be wasted if he die, while he continues to deny his words. Inosuke sees the confrontation while Tanjiro attempts to stand, but Kyojuro orders them not to interfere.

Kyojuro attacks with Third Form: Blazing Universe

Kyojuro knocks Akaza into a nearby forest and manages to slash his arm again, leading Akaza to violently kick him back in response. sending the Hashira hurtling hard into the dirt. He tries again to goad Kyojuro to transform, healing his sliced arm instantly. Kyojuro refuses again and leaps into the air, using Flame Breathing, Third Form: Blazing Universe to slash down. Akaza dodges the blow and commends him for his spirit, launching another Destructive Death: Air Type shockwave and narrowing missing him. Inosuke, watching the battle, realizes the two are on a different dimension and himself joining the clash will only result in his death.

Akaza angered at Kyojuro's refusal

Akaza continues to try and get to Kyojuro but he refuses once again. The Upper Rank starts to make contact, first cutting Kyojuro's forehead with the side of his fist. Kyojuro speeds forward and twist his body into a Flame Breathing, First Form: Unknowing Fire. The attack slices both of Akaza's arms but he heals instantly and continues his assault. He suddenly strikes the Hashira with a punch directly to the side. Kyojuro staggers back in pain but continues to fight back, using the Second Form: Rising Scorching Sun slash to catch his arms again. Akaza dodges the slice and punches directly at Kyojuro's face. Though his sword blocks his fist, Akaza pushes ahead and his hand slips off, hitting Kyojuro's eye and rupturing it.

Akaza dispels Kyojuro's Flame Tiger with Destructive Death: Disorder

Kyojuro presses on and uses Flame Breathing, Third Form: Blazing Universe and Fourth Form: Blooming Flame Undulation in succession, in the hope he hits Akaza. The demon leaps back to safety and takes another stance. Kyojuro then uses Flame Breathing, Fifth Form: Flame Tiger, releasing the fiery wave at the Upper Rank. Akaza responds with Destructive Death: Disorder, dissipating the infernal attack and rushes Kyojuro with another punch. Kyojuro enters the clash and slashes his arm. Once the fire dissipates, Inosuke questions aloud if Kyojuro had succeeded.

Bleeding from his wounds, the Hashira stands and breathes heavily, whereas Akaza instantly heals his sliced arm and rises up. Tanjiro refuses to believe what he sees, a wounded, exhausted and weary Kyojuro. Akaza confront his opponent and tells him not to die while they fight, as Tanjiro and Inosuke helplessly look on.

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