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Temari Demon and Arrow Demon (手毬鬼と矢印鬼 Temari Oni to Yajirushi Oni?) is the 9th episode of the Kimetsu no Yaiba TV anime series.


It was two demons named Tamayo and Yushiro who came to Tanjiro’s rescue. Using the “Eyeblind” spell, Tamayo guides Tanjiro and Nezuko to her house. There, through his conversation with Tamayo, Tanjiro learns that there could be a way to return demons to human again. Just then, two demons in pursuit of Tanjiro manage to locate the house, and unleash a furious assault…[1]


The Temari Demon finds the hidden house.

After using their powers to follow his trail, the Arrow Demon and the Temari Demon have located Tanjiro's location, tasked by their master to kill him. Using her temaris, she pummels the house and destroying the cloaking spell hiding its presence. Tanjiro and Yushiro are shocked by the appearance of their new foes, more powerful than he's faced before.

The Temari Demon calls on her partner Yahaba, to state what he senses; he deduces the hidden house is due to the work of a Blood Demon Art wielder adept at hiding objects. He also senses the presence of a demon accompanying their target, confusing him. As she becomes excited at the prospect of killing them, Yahaba chides his partner, Susamaru, for her immaturity and complains of dust on his kimono from the initial attack. She ribs him to stop whining, as they have found their targets anyway. Tanjiro sees it was her who has caused all the damage just through her temari. Yushiro sees her and wonders if she is a servant of Muzan.

Susamaru destroys the house and decapitates Yushiro.

Susamaru continues her assault and pummels the house with lightning speed, forcing everyone inside to duck for cover. One temari almost hits Yushiro, who stands in its way to protect Tamayo; the temari then swerves unnaturally and smashes into his head, beheading him. Horrified seeing his decapitated body, Tanjiro tasks Nezuko with protecting the injured woman from before and take her outside; Tamayo states the basement is safer instead. As she leaves to do so, Tanjiro stands up and observes Susamaru. He notes that she possesses a completely different scent to past demons; one that is thicker and far stronger.

Tanjiro stabs a temari with Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust, Curve.

Susamaru sees him and declares he is the one Muzan wants dead. Tanjiro requests Tamayo leave as he is the one targeted but she instead asks that he fights without them in his concern, as they don't need protection as demons. Susamaru hurls a temari at him with incredible speed; Tanjiro watches and determines a form to defeat it. The fastest form at his disposal, he uses Water Breathing, Seventh Form: Drop Ripple Thrust, Curve and pierces the temari. Somewhat surprised, she nonetheless summons back to her and the temari slides of his blade on its own. He notes that the temaris move unnaturally without spinning, such as when it struck Yushiro.

Tamayo watches as Yushiro heals his mouth and jaws to speak, complaining that he was right not to let themselves get involved with Tanjiro, since his blindfold technique isn't fully working still. He can only masks object and isn't able to completely hide their existence. Tanjiro realizes it was Yushiro's Blood Demon Art that inadvertently hid their attackers until they destroyed the house. Yushiro declares he despises anyone who ruins the time with him and Tamayo and calls their act unforgivable. Susamaru hears his message and laughs at his babbling.

Susamaru getting serious.

She discards her kimono to fight more freely and reveals they must be honoured to be killed by her, a member of the Twelve Kizuki. When Tanjiro hears this, Tamayo explains they are demons that serve directly under Muzan. She grows 2 new pairs of arms and forms 4 more temaris to fight with, now enjoying the battle. She launches all six at the house, forcing Tanjiro to evade them all as one ends up cutting Yushiro's face. Tamayo tries to think if she can cast her spell now but sees Tanjiro would be affected to, while Yushiro needs more time to heal in order to attack again. Tanjiro gets overwhelmed by the greater number of temaris, which injured Tamayo and Yushiro upon striking them. As he wonders how he can defeat them to save the demons, he notices there are two demon scents present.

Yushiro tells him to follow the arrows to determine and dodge their path. When Tanjiro states he can't see them, Yushiro irritably gives him a paper talisman imbued with his sight. Upon receiving it, Tanjiro sees that arrows appear and dictate the path and trajectory of Susamaru's temaris. He thanks Yushiro for this new insight and sees that Nezuko has returned, asking she join him outside to battle their opponents. He tells her to deal with Yahaba while he fights Susamaru and she complies.

Tanjiro uses Third Form: Flowing Dance.

Susamaru declares she will bring Tanjiro's head to Muzan and launches all of her temaris. Tanjiro evades them and runs away as the temaris pursue him, waiting for Nezuko's mark. Nezuko finds Yahaba in the trees and kicks him repeatedly. The distraction causes the arrows to fade, stopping the temaris' movement. With his chance in sight, Tanjiro uses Water Breathing, Third Form: Flowing Dance; he cuts all the temaris in a fluid dance of movement and quickly slices off Susamaru's arms right afterwards. Tanjiro asks Tamayo if these demons are closely related to Muzan, which she surmises must be true; he then declares that he will extract their blood for sure.

Susamaru laughs at his intentions and implores Tanjiro to try and extract their blood. Yushiro warns him that if they truly are Twelve Kizuki demons, they will be more formidable that he's faced thus far. While Tanjiro steels himself for the upcoming confrontation, Yushiro implores they should decoy Tanjiro and Nezuko and flee to Tamayo. She is horrified at his idea, causing Yushiro to quickly claim he was joking.

The siblings face Muzan's servants

As Nezuko clashes with Yahaba, he becomes irritated by the dust being kicked up and uses his arrows to launch her away from him. The Temari Demon heals her lost arms instantly as Tanjiro notes that she possesses faster regeneration than any demon from Final Selection. Launched away by Yahaba, Nezuko collides with Tanjiro while the Arrow Demon himself lands to the ground to join Susamaru. She hurls a temari and nearly hits the two, who barely dodge in time. Yushiro informs Tanjiro he need to deal with Yahaba first, while he, Tamayo and Nezuko will battle Susamaru. Nezuko suddenly sees her mother and brother Rokuta's images in Tamayo and Yushiro, invigorating her to fight. Saying he is counting on her, the siblings split up to confront their targets.

Yahaba causes Tanjiro to miss.

Tanjiro charges at Yahaba with the intent of extracting his blood to produce the treatment. He senses the Opening Thread but the demon uses his arrows to disrupt his footwork, causing him to miss. Using his arrows, he flings Tanjiro throughout the surrounded area, causing him to slam into the trees and into the ground hard. Yahaba launches him high into the air and disables his arrow to drop the Demon Slayer to his death; in the nick of time, Tanjiro uses Eight Form: Waterfall Basin to stop his momentum and save himself.

Nezuko is injured by a temari.

Susamaru launches her temaris at Nezuko, who evades them all successfully. She turns around to see Yushiro but he suddenly vanishes from view. While invisible, he strikes the Temari Demon with multiple punches and chops, bringing her to her knees. He reveals himself and curses her for hurting Tamayo, deeming her unforgivable. Yahaba overhears his threats and realizes that Tamayo is a fugitive from Muzan. Susamaru gets up and concurs his idea of taking her as well, before launching another temari at Nezuko. She attempts to kick up but Tamayo and Yushiro warn her not too; they are too late and the temari breaks off Nezuko's right foot.

With her opponent downed, Susamaru kicks her hard and sends the young demon hurtling into the house. She excitedly asks her partner if four heads would be great to take to Muzan; Yahaba disagrees and sees value in only Tanjiro and Tamayo. Inside, Tamayo sees the bleeding of her lost foot isn't slowing and gives her a serum to accelerate her healing; while doing so, Nezuko again sees her mother's image in the demon.

Tanjiro continues to face the Arrow Demon but notices that even sensing the Opening Thread is pointless unless he can strike with pinpoint accuracy. Yahaba sends multiple arrows at him, forcing the Demon Slayer to evade them all. He tries to cut the arrows with his blade but making contact only take him to the arrow's path, slamming him into a wall. In pain, he drops his sword and sees an arrow wrapped around his arm to twist it off. Thinking quickly, he runs up a tree to be mid-air when the arrow spins his arm, saving himself. After recovering his sword, he hears Yahaba commending him for evading his attack, while realizing he needs to change the arrows path without touching them.

Yahaba defeated.

Now enraged, Yahaba prepares his final assault, launching numerous arrows to kill Tanjiro. He quickly thinks of an idea: use the Sixth Form to trap the arrows and the footwork of the Third Form to close in on the Arrow Demon. As they converge on him, Tanjiro twists himself into a combined attack, Twisting Whirlpool-Flowing Water. With his arrows being spun around, Yahaba loses focus. Tanjiro, despite the heavy weight of the combined attack on his sword, gets close to him and uses Second Form: Improved, Lateral Water Wheel to decapitate the Arrow Demon.

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