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Final Selection Arc

Tanjiro Kamado heads into the village to sell coal
Tanjiro's original appearance.png
Murder of the Kamado Family while Tanjiro is away
Kamado Family slaughter.png
Nezuko Kamado is the sole survivor and transforms into a demon
Tanjiro carrying a wounded Nezuko.png
Tanjiro and Nezuko encounter Giyu Tomioka
Giyu trying to motivate Tanjiro.png
Tanjiro and Nezuko vs Giyu
Nezuko fighting Giyu.gif
Tanjiro and Nezuko encounter the Temple Demon
Tanjiro encounters Temple Demon.png
Tanjiro and Nezuko vs the Temple Demon
Tanjiro slashes the Temple Demon.png
Tanjiro and Nezuko meet Sakonji Urokodaki
Sakonji wearing his hood.png
Tanjiro trains with Sakonji on Mt. Sagiri
Sakonji beating Tanjiro in combat.png
Tanjiro encounters Sabito
Sabito facing Tanjiro.png
Tanjiro vs Sabito
Sabito fighting Tanjiro.gif
Tanjiro meets Makomo
Makomo clarifying Total Concentration Breathing.png
Final Selection
Final Selection (anime).png
Tanjiro encounters the Hand Demon
Hand Demon appearing.png
Tanjiro vs Hand Demon
Tanjiro vs Hand Demon.gif
Tanjiro returns to Mt. Sagiri
Sakonji embraces Tanjiro and Nezuko.png

Kidnapper's Bog Arc

Tanjiro disembarks on his first mission
Sakonji sees Tanjiro off.png
Tanjiro meets Kazumi
Kazumi remembering his injury.png
Tanjiro encounters the Swamp Demon
Two-Horned Swamp Demon.png
Tanjiro and Nezuko vs the Swamp Demon
Tanjiro and Nezuko vs Swamp Demon.gif

Asakusa Arc

Tanjiro arrives in Asakusa to investigate
Asakusa, Tokyo Anime.png
Tanjiro's first encounter with Muzan Kibutsuji
Muzan encountering Tanjiro.png
Tanjiro meets Tamayo and Yushiro
Tamayo and Yushiro appear.png
Susamaru and Yahaba hunt for Tanjiro
Susamaru and Yahaba hunting.png
Tanjiro, Nezuko, Tamayo, and Yushiro vs Susamaru and Yahaba
Susamaru attacking Tanjiro.gif

Tsuzumi Mansion Arc

Tanjiro meets Zenitsu Agatsuma
Tanjiro meets Zenitsu.gif
Tanjiro and Zenitsu arrive at the Tsuzumi Mansion
Tsuzumi Mansion Arc anime.png
Tanjiro and Zenitsu help Teruko and Shoichi find their brother
Shoichi and Teruko entering the house.png
The group is split and Tanjiro encounters Kyogai
Kyogai appears next to Tanjiro.png
Tanjiro meets Inosuke Hashibira
Inosuke preparing to fight the demon.png
Zenitsu encounters the Tongue Demon
Tongue Demon.png
Zenitsu vs the Tongue Demon
Zenitsu using Thunderclap and Flash on Tongue Demon.gif
Inosuke encounters the Horned Demon
Horned Demon.png
Inosuke vs the Horned Demon
Inosuke using Fang Three Devour on Horned Demon.gif
Tanjiro and Teruko find Kiyoshi
Tanjiro vs Kyogai
Kyogai uses Rapid Drumming.gif
Inosuke attacks Zenitsu
Zenitsu protecting Nezuko from Inosuke.png
Tanjiro vs Inosuke
Tanjiro vs Inosuke.gif

Mount Natagumo Arc

The group recieves orders to investigate Mount Natagumo
The group getting orders to head to Mount Natagumo.png
The group arrives at Mount Natagumo
Mount Natagumo Anime.png
Tanjiro and Inosuke meet Murata
Murata surprised by Tanjiro.png
Giyu and Shinobu Kocho are sent to investigate
Giyu and Shinobu being sent to investigate.gif
Tanjiro and Inosuke discover the Demon Slayer puppets
Ozaki being controlled.png
Tanjiro encounters Rui
Rui appearing above Tanjiro.png
Tanjiro and Inosuke encounter the Mother Spider Demon's doll
Tanjiro defending Inosuke from Mother Spider Demon's doll.png
Tanjiro and Inosuke vs the Mother Spider Demon
Mother Spider Demon getting serious.png
Zenitsu encounters the Son Spider Demon
Zenitsu's fright of the Spider Demon.png
Zenitsu's training flashback
Jigoro comforting Zenitsu.png
Zenitsu vs the Son Spider Demon
Zenitsu vs Son Spider Demon.gif
Tanjiro and Inosuke encounter the Father Spider Demon
Father Spider Demon looking for Inosuke.png
Tanjiro and Inosuke vs the Father Spider Demon
Tanjiro & Inosuke fighting Father Spider Demon.png
Shinobu discovers Zenitsu
Shinobu finding Zenitsu.png
Tanjiro is separated from Inosuke and discovers Rui and the Daughter Spider Demon
Tanjiro discovers Rui and Daughter Spider Demon.png
Giyu arrives to assist Inosuke
Giyu tying Inosuke.png
Tanjiro and Nezuko vs Rui
Tanjiro fighting Rui.gif
Giyu arrives to assist Tanjiro
Giyu using Eleventh Form on Rui's attack.gif
The Daughter Spider Demon's memories
The Daughter Spider Demon welcomed to the family.png
Shinobu vs the Daughter Spider Demon
The Daughter Spider Demon fighting Shinobu.gif
Giyu stops Shinobu from chasing Tanjiro and Nezuko
Giyu holding down Shinobu.png
An order is made to retrieve Nezuko and Tanjiro
Tanjiro is retrieved by the Kakushi.png

Rehabilitation Training Arc

Tanjiro is brought to the headquarters
Tanjiro is brought to the headquarters E22.png
Hashira Meeting
The Hashira appears.png
The Wind Hashira, Sanemi Shinazugawa, attacks Nezuko
Sanemi about to stab Nezuko.png
Tanjiro attacks Sanemi to protect Nezuko
Tanjiro headbutt Sanemi.png
The Master, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, arrives to start the meeting
Kagaya with Hinaki and Nichika.png
Kagaya gives his blessing to Nezuko after reading Sakonji's letter
Hinaki reads Sakonji's letter out loud.png
Sanemi fails to discredit Nezuko
Nezuko turning from Sanemi.png
Tanjiro is taken to the Butterfly Mansion
Butterfly Mansion Anime.png
Rehabilitation Training
Rehabilitation Training.png
Tanjiro vs Kanao
Kanao beating Tanjiro in the water cup game.png
Lower Ranks Meeting
Infinity Castle Anime.gif
Muzan kills off the Lower Ranks
Kamanue about to be killed by Muzan.png
Muzan selects Enmu to kill off Tanjiro
Enmu receiving more blood from Muzan.png
Tanjiro disembarks to find the Flame Hashira
Shinobu suggesting Tanjiro go talk to Kyojuro.png

Mugen Train Arc

Kyojuro Rengoku meets the bento vendors at the station
Fuku and her grandmother.png
Kyojuro vs Slasher
Kyojuro kills the Slasher.png
Tanjiro's group arrives to take the train
Inosuke head-butting the train.png
The group meets Kyojuro
Tanjiro and Zenitsu running into Kyojuro on the Train.png
Kyojuro defeats the train demons
Kyojuro uses Second Form against a demon.gif
The Demon Slayers are put to sleep
The group asleep on the train.png
The Demon Slayers defeat Enmu's dream invaders
Kyojuro choking one of Enmu's followers.png
The Demon Slayers vs Enmu
Enmu reveals he's fused with the train.png
The train crashes
Zenitsu and Nezuko knocked out.png
Akaza appears
Akaza's proposal.png
Kyojuro vs Akaza
Akaza and Kyojuro exchanging blows at blinding speeds.gif
Akaza reports back to Muzan
Akaza reports back to Muzan.png
The group take on recovery missions at the Butterfly Mansion
Recovery Missions.png
Tanjiro meets Shinjuro and Senjuro
Shinjuro shouts at Senjuro and Tanjiro.png

Entertainment District Arc

Tengen Uzui tries to kidnap Aoi and Naho
Kanao tries to stop Tengen from kidnapping Aoi.png
The group accompany Tengen on his mission
Tengen explaining their mission to the trio.png
The boys are disguised to search for Tengen's wives
The trio disguised as girls.png
Tanjiro meets Koinatsu at his brothel
Koinatsu in a courtesan procession.png
Inosuke chases the demon in his brothel
Inosuke chases the demon.png
Zenitsu discovers Warabihime is a demon in his brothel
Daki appears behind Zenitsu.png
Zenitsu goes missing
Tengen explains Zenitsu's disappearance.png
Tanjiro makes a plan with Inosuke and leaves Tokito House
Tanjiro thanks Koinatsu.png
Tanjiro and Nezuko vs Daki
Tanjiro using Striking Tide, Turbulent.gif
Nezuko's advanced demon transformation
Nezuko smiling menacingly at Daki.png
Gyutaro emerges from Daki
Gyutaro emerging from Daki's back.png
Tanjiro and Tengen vs Gyutaro
Tengen vs Gyutaro.gif
Zenitsu and Inosuke vs Daki
Zenitsu and Inosuke fighting Daki on a rooftop.gif
Nezuko heals the injured
Nezuko heals Tengen.png
Upper Ranks Meeting
Akaza is summoned to the Infinity Castle.png

Swordsmith Village Arc

Tanjiro recovers at the Butterfly Mansion
Tanjiro trains with Naho.png
Tanjiro arrives at the Swordsmith Village
Swordsmith Village.png
Mitsuri Kanroji finds Tanjiro
Mitsuri runs over to Tanjiro.png
Tanjiro finds Genya Shinazugawa in the hot springs
Genya after.png
Tanjiro stops Muichiro Tokito from beating up Kotetsu
Tanjiro protecting Kotetsu from Muichiro CH102.png
Kotetsu fixes Yoriichi Type Zero so Tanjiro can train
Yoriichi Type Zero.png
Tanjiro, Nezuko, Genya and Mitsuri vs Hantengu
Hantengu abducts.png
Muichiro vs Gyokko
Kimetsu no Yaiba CH120.png
Nezuko conquers the Sun
Nezuko conquering the sun CH126.png
Muzan prepares to hunt for Nezuko
Muzan learning about Nezuko's ability.png

Hashira Training Arc

The Hashira meet
Hashira surprised at Mitsuri's explaination CH128.png
Hashira Training
Hashira Training Arc.png
Tanjiro is sent to encourage Giyu
Tanjiro and Giyu having a soba eating contest CH131.png
Tanjiro trains with Tengen
Tengen body (new appearance).png
Tanjiro trains with Muichiro
Muichiro passing Tanjiro CH132.png
Tanjiro trains with Mitsuri
Mitsuri welcoming Tanjiro CH132.png
Tanjiro trains with Obanai
Obanai awaiting to train Tanjiro CH132.png
Tanjiro Kamado vs Sanemi Shinazugawa
Sanemi attacking Genya.png
Tanjiro trains with Gyomei
Gyomei weightlifting on fire CH133.png
Nakime spies on the camp
Nakime profile.png
Giyu Tomioka vs Sanemi Shinazugawa
Giyu training with Sanemi CH136.png
Sanemi discovers the spy
Sanemi discovers the spy.png

Final Battle Arc

Infinity Castle Arc

Kagaya blows up the Ubuyashiki Mansion
Muzan realizing that Kagaya blew himself and his family up.png
Demon Slayers vs Muzan Kibutsuji: Part 1
Infinity Castle Arc.png
Shinobu Kocho vs Doma
Shinobu challenges Doma.png
Zenitsu Agatsuma vs Kaigaku
Zenitsu using Thunder Breathing Seventh Style Flaming Thunder God to decapitate Kaigaku.png
Tanjiro Kamado and Giyu Tomioka vs Akaza
Giyu realizes how much Tanjiro has improved.png
Kanao Tsuyuri and Inosuke Hashibira vs Doma
Doma attacking Kanao.png
Mitsuri Kanroji and Obanai Iguro vs Nakime
Nakime tricks Mitsuri.png
Muichiro Tokito, Genya Shinazugawa, Sanemi Shinazugawa and Gyomei Himejima vs Kokushibo
Kokushibo injuring Sanemi with Moon Breathing Sixth Form.png
The remaining Demon Slayers approach Muzan
Giyu and Tanjiro find Muzan.png
The Infinity Castle collapses
Muzan kills Nakime.png

Sunrise Countdown Arc

Demon Slayers vs Muzan Kibutsuji: Part 2
Demon Slayer Corps shielding the Hashira CH184.png
The end of demons
Muzan begins to disintegrate.png
Nezuko returns to being a human
Nezuko finally reaches her brother.png
Tanjiro turns into a demon
Tanjiro opens his eyes as a Demon.png
Tanjiro Kamado vs Demon Slayers
Kanao injects Tanjiro with the cure CH202.png
Tanjiro is cured
Tanjiro's deceased comrades help push him out CH203.png
Sumihiko heads to school
Tojuro and Sumihiko run to school.png
The end
The end.png