Final Selection (anime)

The Final Selection is an entrance exam for individuals who seek to become a Demon Slayer of the Demon Slayer Corps. The exam takes place on Fujikasane Mountain, where Wisteria flowers bloom every season from the mountain's foot to its slope. The area around the mountaintop does not have any Wisteria flowers and is infested with Demons, which were caught alive and placed on the mountain by existing Demon Slayers. Since Wisteria is poisonous to Demons, the Demons remain trapped on the mountain top and cannot leave.[1]

The exam requires the examinee to survive seven nights on the mountaintop, without any outside aid. Candidates who successfully survive the seven nights are then permitted to become official members of the Demon Slayer Corps. At the end of the exam, they get to choose their own ore for their Nichirin Blade and, additionally, receive their own uniform and Kasugaigarasu.[2]

Known Examinees

Sabito Anime Profile
Makomo Anime Profile
Giyu Anime Profile
Murata Anime Profile
Sabito Makomo Giyu Tomioka Murata[3]
Aoi Anime Profile
Inosuke Anime Profile
Tanjiro Anime Profile
Kanao Anime Profile
Aoi Kanzaki[4] Inosuke Hashibira Tanjiro Kamado Kanao Tsuyuri
Zenitsu Anime Profile
Genya Anime Profile
Zenitsu Agatsuma Genya Shinazugawa


  • Most prospective Demon Slayers train for at least one year before going to the Final Selection.[5]


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