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Fuku (ふく Fuku?) is a bento vendor for a train station supporting the Mugen Train, and the granddaughter of Tomi.


Fuku is a young girl of a short stature, with long dark brown hair worn in a braid down her back. She has dark purple eyes that fade into a violet color lower down, their irises white and vertically rectangular.

Fuku wears a plain red and brown haori over a white-collared shirt, as well as a white kappōgi, which seems to be the uniform of the bento shop she works at. She also wears a tan-colored peaked beret and a pair of large round glasses.


Fuku is a relatively polite girl, albeit one who is often stressed about finance and work. She believes she needs to work hard to support her parents as their business isn't doing very well, something her grandmother tells her is an issue only adults should be worrying about.

She's also adamant about her belief that demons don't exist, refusing to turn in for the night just because her grandmother believes they may be vulnerable to demon attacks at night. Once Kyojuro Rengoku slays Slasher before her eyes, however, she rectifies this belief and apologizes to her grandmother for doubting what she'd said.


Mugen Train Arc

At a train station, Fuku laments another night without anyone buying her bento boxes. Upset that she hadn't raise any money to help support her parents, she struggled to eat her bean paste bun, her grandmother trying to encourage her by mentioning she could sell them in the afternoon, since demons only roam at night. News of recent attacks by a slasher at night had left her town fearful of leaving after dark. Fuku rejects her advice, claiming demons don't exist and expressing worry at her pregnant mother unable to work and her father's struggling business. As they close the shop, her grandmother tries to stay back to sell bentos at night but Fuku becomes worried that the slasher would get her.

Sitting on the floor and staring at her food, she is met by Kyojuro Rengoku, the Flame Hashira sent to alleviate the issue. He bluntly asks her if she had seen a demon anywhere, before asking her grandmother the same question. Fuku stands up and angrily claims that there isn't a demon here, hurling her bean bun at the Hashira. After being calm by her grandmother that Kyojuro meant no harm, Fuku apologizes and comments she feels tense from the recent news affecting everyone. Kyojuro reassures her that they can continue business through the night and that he will solve the problem. When she tries to sell him some bento boxes, he excitedly buys them all.

Later through the night, Fuku and her grandmother arrive at the next train station to set up their stall. As she finishes the final touches, Fuku hears something and turns around to see a marked demon, telling her that her death will be the Hashira's fault. As she staggers in fear, Fuku's grandmother hits the demon with a bento box, momentarily distracting him with the smell and giving her time to flee. Though she makes it out of the station, the demon grabs her throat and tries to kill her. At that moment, Kyojuro arrives and severs the demon's achilles, saving Fuku. In disbelief at what she had just witnessed, she realizes her grandmother is now all alone. She watches as Kyojuro confronts and decapitates the demon in an instant, saving her. Soon, Fuku hears her grandmother choke up as she reminisces on the time she herself was saved by the Flame Hashira, saving Fuku's mother as well. Fuku apologizes to her grandmother about her disregard for demons but Kyojuro cheerfully responds that not believing in them will be for the better. The two are then tended to by Kakushi arriving on the scene.

Later at sunset, the two begin selling bento boxes to passengers of the Mugen train when they encounter Kyojuro again. Her grandmother offers him a beef pot bento box in gratitude for saving them; Kyojuro happily takes the offer and tries to pay, only to be told by Fuku he can have them for free. Kyojuro subsequently takes her entire supply. Before he boards, they wish the Hashira good luck on his mission. Shortley after, Fuku tries to sell bento boxes to the first-class coach when she hears a loud noise. She sees a boar-headed fighter head-butting the train and being scolded by a yellow-clad young man, to her bewilderment.[1]


As an ordinary human, she doesn't possess any additional powers or abilities.




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