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Sanemi Shinazugawa[]

Tanjiro shoves Genya away from Sanemi's attack

Sanemi attempts to attack Genya after learning he ate demons.

Sanemi is Genya's older brother and only living sibling. Initially, they got along well as they worked together to help their mother. After a Demon attack befell their family, Sanemi and Genya were the only ones who survived the incident. However, after Genya branded his sibling a "murderer", their relationship began to worsen and decline until the two split and went their own ways. It is revealed during the battle with Kokushibo that despite the whole incident, Sanemi still heavily cared for his younger brother and actually wanted him to live a normal life without the threat of demons; Genya is moved to tears and apologized after hearing Sanemi's reasoning behind his rudeness. After their battle with Kokushibo, a mortally injured Genya apologized again for blaming Sanemi and thanked his brother for protecting him before succumbing to his wounds and crumbling into dust, leaving Sanemi stricken with grief.

Tanjiro Kamado[]

Tanjiro stopping Genya from manhandling Kanata

Tanjiro stopping Genya from manhandling Kanata.

Tanjiro and Genya's first actual interaction took place at the end of the Final Selection, when Genya mistreated Kanata Ubuyashiki and Tanjiro stopped him. At first, Genya treated Tanjiro like an annoying pest and wouldn't even talk to him. This didn't discourage Tanjiro who kept wanting to connect to Genya, pissing him off. However, throughout their fight with Hantengu, Genya started befriending Tanjiro and gains respect for him. Tanjiro also tried to mend Genya's relationship with Sanemi, and was quick to defend him when Sanemi nearly gouged his eyes out. Genya is very touched at Tanjiro's defense of him, even admitting that Hantengu couldn't have been beaten without him. Genya later taught Tanjiro how to do repetitive actions during Gyomei's Hashira Training, and Tanjiro reveals to Sanemi that he doesn't sense any malice from his older brother, saying that Sanemi still dearly loves him. Later Tanjiro cries when he hears of Genya's passing.

Gyomei Himejima[]

In the databook, it explains that Gyomei took Genya in as his apprentice, revealing that Genya was rescued by Gyomei when he went out of control after eating a demon. Genya stubbornly decided to follow Gyomei and continuously asked the latter to take the former in as their Tsuguko. Although Genya wasn't blessed with talent and has a bad temper, he got along well with Gyomei, the latter acknowledging him for his honesty and willpower.

Due to his closeness with Gyomei, he is aware of things about him that no one else knows, such as Gyomei's tendency to be a poor explainer and his mannerisms in training. Upon Genya's death, Gyomei was devastated at the loss of his apprentice.

Inosuke Hashibira[]

Genya isn't seen often interacting with Inosuke. Once Genya befriends Tanjiro Kamado, he generally respects his friends, though he and Inosuke are seen fighting because Inosuke mocked his inability to perform Breathing Styles.

Muichiro Tokito[]

Although Genya and Muichiro show little interaction, they fought together in the battle against Kokushibo. After Muichiro was pinned to a pillar by the Upper Rank, Genya fired his shotgun at the demon to defend him but was promptly sliced to pieces, causing Muichiro to call out to him in fear. Later, after freeing himself from his predicament, Muichiro gives him a lock of Kokushibo's hair to accelerate his healing. Although both Demon Slayers lost their lives in the process, their sacrifice allowed Sanemi and Gyomei to finally kill Kokushibo off for good.



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