Gyokko ( (ぎょっ) () Gyokko?) was a member of the Twelve Demon Moons, holding the position of Upper Moon Five.[1]


Gyokko's design takes the form of a pale white, abstracted, grotesque humanoid figure with an upper torso that has no arms and resembles that of an armless statue growing from a porcelain pot; similarly to a djinn. He has multiple infant-like hands that line his back. Gyokko's face is somewhat even more distorted, large green mouths displace the position of where one would expect eyes, and his actual eyes are located vertically from one another on his face; One eye appearing in the constantly opened bottom mouth and other is seated at the center of his forehead. As Upper Moon Five, the Kanji for number five is printed on both pairs of his dark honey brown eyes.


Gyokko is depicted to be short tempered,shallow and arrogant, especially when it comes to things regarding to his "Art" as he seen when he was easily angered and enraged by Muichiro when he began to insult and make fun of the quality of his art and through his conversation with the pillar constantly praised himself as "beautiful" and his work even more so,further reinforcing his arrogant and narcissistic personality,He's also shown himself to be incredibly shallow,petty and jealous, as seen when he attacked and mutilated Hotaru Haganezuka due to his jealousy of the latter focus and dedication to his work,surpassing his own zeal when working on his own art and made him want to instead make the latter lose his focus and waste time on the sword smith due to this petty jealousy.His also shown to be incredibly morbid as when Doma told him he placed a human head on top of his pots like a plant,Gyokko immediately saw it as more inspiration for his "Art",the extent of this morbid and violent inspiration for his "Art" is shown even more when he brutally murdered several swordsmith and used their corpses to create a "Beautiful" piece by stitching their bodies together along with sticking several swords into them,this extreme sadism is shown even further when he built in the feature of them to scream when a sword is shoved deeper into his "art work" implying that they where still alive.



Red Light District Arc

Having been summoned to a gathering of the Upper Moons, Gyokko greeted Akaza, asking him how he was after ninety years and lying about being worried over his colleague's well-being. The potted Demon also greeted Doma, exchanging small talk about the pot he had given his fellow Upper Moon as a gift. Shortly after this, Gyokko listened as Kibutsuji Muzan informed the group that Gyutaro and berated them for their uselessness. The Upper Moon informed his leader that he had information that would get him closer to achieving his goals, only to have his head ripped off due to the information being unconfirmed. He was then ordered to head over with Hantengu once he corrected his mistake, leaving him bemused. The potted Demon was then approached by Doma, who asked him about the information he had and if he could tag along, and was shocked as Akaza destroyed Doma's head from behind.[2]

He witnessed Kokushibo cutting off Akaza's hand,[3] and asked the Biwa Demon to transport him and Hantengu to their destination.[4]

Swordsmith Village Arc

At the swordsmiths' village, Gyokko devoured an unsuspecting villager and spat him right back out, stating that it wasn't edible. He then noted that destroying the swordsmiths' village would severely weaken the Demon Hunters.[5]

Abilities and Powers

Demon Abilities

  • Regeneration - As a Demon he possess powerful regenerative abilities that where augmented even further upon being given even more of Muzan Kibutsuji's blood,he was able to survive being decapitated by Muzan and later was able to easily reattach his severed head without much difficulty,and later displayed the ability to quickly heal injuries inflicted by Nichirin Blades without difficulty.
  • Speed - Gyokko displayed incredible speed and reflexes as seen when he was able to easily evade and prevent himself from being cut by Muichiro despite the latter using his Breath of Mist Techniques to hinder and throw off Gyokko's senses.

Demon abilities

Blood Demon Techniques ( Kekkijutsu?):

  • Pots: Gyokko is able to teleport into different pots to avoid attacks. Though he cannot do this if the pot is destroyed.
  • Summoning: He can also summon nonsentient, fish-like demons from these jars; though it is not clear whether he makes them inside the jars, or if he summons them from different locations. These summons could be related to the demonic creatures in Muzan’s base.
  • Molt: In an emergency, Gyokko can molt in order to change his appearance. With his appearance changed, Gyokko gets a lot stronger. His body is covered in transparent scales that are harder than diamonds which were kneaded together inside his pot. Only three people have ever seen Gyokko with this appearance and in this state, everything that he touches with his fists gets turned into sweet little fish.
  • Fish Assassin: Thousand Needles!!! (Senbonbari Gyosatsu): Gyokko creates from his pots fish-like demons that spit poisonous needles.
  • Octopus Pot of Hell!!! (Takotsubo Jigoku!!!): Gyokko creates from his pots giant octopus-like tentacles that he uses to destroy his surroundings.
  • Water Basin Of Hell (Kekkijutsu Suigo-kubachi): Gyokko creates a vase shape-like structure made out of water that traps its opponent. After that, the enemy will be suffocated to death and aside from being very hard to cut it, this technique makes it harder for a Demon Hunter to escape since they can not use their Breath Styles because they can`t breathe.
  • Ten Thousand Gliding Clay-fish!! (Ketsuki-jutsu Ichiman Kakkuu-nengyo): Gyokko creates from his pots fish-like demons that feed on its enemy flesh, even if the opponent cut these fishes they will spread a poisonous liquid before the Nichirin Blade can turn them into dust. The poison is also percutaneous meaning it can be absorbed through the skin.
  • Deadly Scales of War: Gyokko's ultimate defensive technique of which he claims that the scales covering his combat form being even tougher than diamonds.




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