Gyoumei Himejima ( () () (じま) (ぎょう) (めい) Himejima Gyōmei?) is a Demon Hunter and the Rock Pillar of the Demon Killing Corps.

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Before Gyoumei was a Demon Hunter and Pillar, he lived with eight other children who were orphans and raised them in a temple. The area was well known for demon attacks so Gyoumei had always burned Wisteria Incense to ward off any demons that would harm him and the children.

One night, one of the eight children disobeyed the temple rules and had gotten into contact with a demon and in order to save his own life, he told the demon to eat the other children including Gyoumei. After night fell, the child invited the demon into the temple after putting out the Wisteria Incense.

Four kids were killed immediately after this happened and as Gyoumei tried to persuade the other four to stay with him, his efforts were all but naught as they insisted on escaping the temple and Gyoumei had a frail build due to not eating much and couldn't muster the strength to shout on top of his blindness which made the children wonder if he could be of any use to them or anyone.

In the end, only one child-- the youngest, Sayo-- had listened and stayed behind in fear of the demon.

Though it is unknown how the exchange went down, Gyoumei had been cut across the forehead by the demon but soon reversed the situation and began attacking the demon mercilessly after realizing he had a "frightening amount of power."[1] He went on and beat the demon's head until the sun arose.

Soon after, people came to the scene of the incident to help but he was soon framed by Sayo as he said "That man's a monster. He killed them. He killed everyone."[2]

He was later imprisoned and charged with the murder of the seven children but Ubuyashiki Kagaya, a.k.a "Oyakata-sama", intervened and released before he would've been executed for his false crimes.

Later on, Gyoumei became a Demon Hunter and later the Rock Pillar.


Natagumo Mountain ArcEdit

Himejima was present with the other Pillars when Kamado Tanjirou awoke.

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Demon Train ArcEdit

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Natural Abilities Edit

Enhanced strength: Even before undergoing training, Gyoumei possessed great, inhuman strength despite having a weak build at the time he discovered his abilities. He can also use his strength to push a large boulder bigger than him through a town along with the help of 'Repetitive actions.'[3]

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Not much is known of the Breath Gyoumei uses as it has not been revealed yet in the story.


Gyoumei is blind, thus explaining the reason for the lack of pupils in his eyes. It is unknown whether an incident had caused him to be blind or he was born like this.[4]

According to Uzui, Gyoumei was one of the two people who had became a Pillar two months after becoming a Demon Hunter. The other being Tokitou Muichirou.


"If I never got attacked by that demon, I would have lived my entire life not knowing I was strong."[5]


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