Muzan Kibutsuji

Hantengu like all members of the Twelve Kizuki is shown to be faithfully loyal to Muzan and following each and everyone of his orders and demands without question despite Muzan's usual demeaning and condescending attitude towards him.

However despite this Hantengu is shown to be truly loyal to him in the deepest part of his heart due to his loyalty even extending to his five emotion clones, as seen where Zohakuten stated during his battle against Mitsuri Kanroji that only "one person can give orders to me in this world" and Sekido, Urogi, Karaku and Aizetsu all agree he is someone they are loyal to and show the utmost respect to despite their vastly different personalities and volatile relationship.

The source of this deep respect and loyalty being the fact that Muzan, in Hantengu's perspective, is the first person to "believe" in his innocence, due to him having saved Hantengu from being "falsely" executed by a "corrupt" magistrate by giving him the power to escape his imprisonment by turning him into a Demon.

This loyalty was shown to be strong enough that, before dying Hantengu's last act was to report to Muzan about how Nezuko Kamado had successfully become the first Demon to conquer the sun.

Muzan in turn was shown to have become incredibly pleased and happy with Hantengu due to him having successfully located a Demon capable of becoming immune to sunlight, causing the Demon Lord to explode in ecstatic joy at this discovery and even compliment Hantengu for his good work, a rarity due to Muzan's typical arrogant behavior towards the Upper Ranks and his mentality of deeming them all expendable.

Twelve Kizuki

Hantengu is the holder of the position of Upper Rank 4 of the Twelve Kizuki and as such is shown to have a positive enough relationship with the rest of the Upper Ranks to effectively work together when they are given tasks and assignments by Muzan.

However due to Hantengu's overly fearful and submissive personality, it is shown that during his typical meetings with his fellow Upper Ranks, Hantengu acts very frightened and shy around his fellow demons,as seen during their meeting where he preferred to hide around the stairs and corners of Infinity Castle than directly speak to any of them unless needed.


Hantengu and Gyokko are shown to have a positive enough relationship with each other that they can easily work together in missions without much difficulty and are seen to be trusted enough by Muzan that they can successfully accomplish a high risk mission such as wiping out the Swordsmith Village of the Demon Slayer Corps successfully.


Hantengu due to his easily frightened personality, is seen to not particularly like his superior Upper Rank 3 due to Akaza's own violent and confrontational personality, as seen where he was easily frightened by him and bowed his head in submissiveness whenever he raised his voice during his arguments with Upper Ranks 2 & 1 during the meeting.

Emotion Clones

Each of Hantengu's Emotion Clones are shown to have varied relationships with each other but are shown to get along enough to cooperate during a battle and all are shown to greatly prioritize Hantengu in battle and protect him from all threats due to him being their "core".

  • Sekido: Is one of the first two emotion clones to emerge from Hantengu, Sekido is shown to be the leader of the Emotion Clones, as seen where he would constantly bark orders to the other clones and angrily scream at them whenever they ignore or fail to follow through with his orders. Sekido himself is shown to be constantly annoyed and angered by the antics and personalities of his fellow Emotions Clones, especially by Karaku and Urogi due to their more playful disposition when in battle and constantly screamed at them to stop messing around and just kill their opponents instead of toying with them. As seen during his forceful transformation into Zohakuten its shown that Sekido does not truly respect or care about the individual opinions of his fellow clones, as seen where he forcibly absorbed Urogi and Karaku and immediately absorbed Aizetsu despite his pleading to not do it.
  • Karaku: Is the second of the first two emotion clones to emerge from Hantengu and is shown to be one of the two most playful. As seen where during for the majority of their battle against Nezuko,Tanjiro and Genya, Karaku was seen to constantly toy with them for his own entertainment and amusement rather than actually trying to kill them. An attitude that quickly gets on the nerves of the short tempered Sekido who constantly tells him to stop screwing around during battle. Due to their similar playful personalities, it seems that Karaku gets along best with Urogi out of the five emotion clones.
  • Urogi: Urogi is the thirds of the emotion clones to emerge and is shown to possess the same playful attitude and disposition as Karaku when in battle where he constantly toys with his opponents for his own amusement. Making much more closer to his fellow clone,Karaku and the second most hated clone by Sekido due to him similarly not following his orders.
  • Hantengu: Hantengu is the technical first emotion clone to emerge from their original body and the main body that contains their "core". And as such all the other emotion clones greatly values him and actively protects him from harm during battle. Hantengu in turn is shown to heavily rely on the clones for his own protection.



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