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Hisa (ひさ Hisa?) is an old lady who welcomes Demon Slayers to rest in her house. Tanjiro Kamado and his group visit her after they fight Kyogai at the Drum House.


Hisa is a short, old lady with wrinkled skin and thick eyebrows. Her bulky, gray hair is tied into a medium sized bun with two strands poking out behind her ears.

In most of her appearances, Hisa is seen wearing a plain maroon kimono with a purple obi with black zōri and white tabi socks.


Not much is known about Hisa's personality, but she comes off as a very kind and welcoming person, bringing in the injured Demon Slayers without hesitation and providing multiple commodities. Despite Inosuke Hashibira's and Zenitsu Agatsuma impolite nature, Hisa is very patient with them and doesn't appear to be affected by their remarks.[1]


Hisa's family was once saved by the Demon Slayers. They started managing a free rest house for them as a token of gratitude for their work.[2]


Tsuzumi Mansion Arc


As an ordinary human, she doesn't posses any additional powers or abilities.


  • In Kimetsu Academy, Hisa is Inosuke Hashibira's foster parent. Her specialist dish is tempura, one of Inosuke's favorites, and it's said that whenever something goes wrong, she just pretends to have bad hearing.[3]



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