What's going on with this man... He is wearing a pig head and he is carrying blades!!
— A Sudden Appearance of a Pig, Chapter 22

Inosuke Hashibira ( (はし) (びら) () () (すけ) Hashibira Inosuke?) is a Demon Slayer in the Demon Slaying Corps and traveling companion of Tanjiro Kamado.


  • Inosuke's color scheme
  • Inosuke full body appearance without his mask
  • Inosuke without his mask

Inosuke is usually seen wearing a grey boar mask that was later revealed to be taken from his adoptive boar mother. He also wears a shirtless version of the Demon Slayer uniform. Without the mask, he has messy shoulder-length black hair fades into blue tips, fair skin and large green eyes with long eyelashes. He is described as having a girly looking face and is considered very beautiful by many characters throughout the story. Inosuke was told that he has the same face as his mother by the demon who killed and later devoured her. This significantly contrasts with his ripped body.


Inosuke is extraordinarily short-tempered and proud and makes a big deal out of fighting opponents stronger than him claiming that's his only hobby.[1] Inosuke will not think about the difference in power between him and his opponent; this often led him to be in danger. When they first met, he used to always trying to compete with Tanjiro and provoke him into fighting with him and usually failing. Due to growing up in the mountains by himself Inosuke has trouble interacting with others and only cares about himself most of the time. However, as time goes by, Inosuke becomes more influenced by Tanjiro, and he also starts to think and to use strategies before going head-on with an opponent. Later on, he seems to be more used to affection and sometimes demands to be acknowledged by Tanjiro. 

Abilities and Powers

Natural Abilities

  • Enhanced sense of touch: After growing up in the mountains, Inosuke developed a sharp sense of touch. He can even feel small vibrations in the air.
  • Flexibility: Inosuke is extremely flexible, to the point where he is able to dislocate any of the joints in his body at will.
  • Poison resistance: He was able to resist the effect of Upper Moon Six's poison although it was considered deadly. He also resisted the medicine that he was given at the Butterfly Estate. Shinobu compared Inosuke with a honey badger because of this reason.


Breath of the Beast ( (ケダモノ) () (きゅう) Kedamono no kokyū?): Developed by Inosuke after living in the mountains. With his enhanced sense of touch, he can utilize several different techniques.[2]

  1. First Fang: Pierce and Extract ( (いち) (きば) 穿 (うが) () Ichi no kiba: Ugachi nuki?) - Inosuke stabs the target's neck with both blades.[3]
  2. Second Fang: Rip and Tear ( () (きば) () () Ni no kiba: Kirisaki?) - A double slash with his two blades in both diagonals (like X)[4]
    Inosuke using Fang Three Devour on Horned Demon

    Inosuke using Fang of the Third: Rip and Devour on Horned Demon.

  3. Third Fang: Rip and Devour ( (さん) (きば) () () San no kiba: Kuizaki?) - Simultaneous horizontal slashes towards the target's throat.[5]
  4. Fourth Fang: Mince to Bits ( () (きば) (きり) (こま) () Shi no kiba: Kiri koma zaki?) - A multiple diagonal double slashes with both swords.[6]
  5. Fifth Fang: Mad Cleave ( () (きば) : (くるい) (ざき) Go no kiba: Kurui zaki?) - The 'Crazy Cutting' is a technique which slices everything in all directions.[7]
  6. Sixth Fang: Jagged Gnaw ( (ろく) (きば) (らん) (ぐい) () Roku no kiba: Ran gui gami?) - A simultaneous decapitation with his two swords from both directions.[8]
    Inosuke using Fang of Seventh Spatial Awareness

    Inosuke using Fang of Seventh Spatial Awareness.

  7. Seventh Fang: Spatial Awareness ( (しち) (きば) (くう) (かん) (しき) (かく) Shichi no kiba: Kūkanshiki kaku?) - Inosuke can identify the position of enemies by feeling small disturbances in the air. He usually plunges both of his Nichirin blades into the ground in order to utilize this technique.[9]
  8. Eighth Fang: Pig Assault ( (はち) (きば) (ばく) (れつ) (もう) (しん) Hachi no kiba: Bakuretsu Mōshin?) - Inosuke makes a mad dash at his opponent, not even paying attention to defending himself along the way. PIG ASSAULT![10]
  9. Ninth Fang: Godly Undulating Slice ( () (きば) (しん) うわり () Ku no kiba: Shin uwari saki?) - Inosuke dislocates the joints of his arm to increase the range of his attack.[11]
  10. Tenth Fang: Circular Fangs ( () (きば) (えん) (てん) (せん) () Jū no kiba: Enten senga?) - Inosuke uses his swords like a fan to blows away Doma's Freezing Clouds.[12]
  11. Improvised Fang: Throwing Slices ( (おも) いつきの () () きイ Omoitsuki no nagesakii?) - Inosuke improvise this move to slay Doma. He throws both of his Nichirin Blades with high accuracy. [13]


  • Ino(伊之) in his name can be a pun for "猪"(Inoshishi / Ino, means "Boar").
  • Inosuke was ranked in 5th place as of the first character popularity poll with 1,977 votes.
  • Inosuke is left-handed.
  • Inosuke doesn't care to remember other peoples names, and gets it right every seven attempts (referring to Tanjiro as Kentaro, Monjiro, etc.)
  • Both of Inosuke's voice actors, Yoshisugu Matsuoka and Bryce Papenbrook, also share the role of Kirito from Sword Art Online.


  • (Catchphrase) "PIG ASSAULT!"
  • (To Doma) "It truly is a miracle, meeting you here. The Demon who killed my mother and my friends is right before my eyes! Allow me to thank you for making me remember, but I won't just cut off your head now! I'll show you what true hell is like!"[14]
  • (To Doma) "If there isn't a hell, then I'll make one God damn it! Just shut the hell up already! Don't talk about my mom as if she was unhappy, you bastard!"[15]


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