Kaigaku ( (かい) (がく) Kaigaku?) is a former Demon Slayer and Zenitsu Agatsuma's senior disciple under former Thunder Hashira Jigoro Kuwajima. However, he becomes a Demon to save his own life and later became the Upper Rank Six ( (じょう) (げん) (ろく) Jōgen no Roku?) of the Twelve Kizuki, replacing Daki and Gyutaro after their deaths.


As a human, Kaigaku is a fit young man with black hair and turquoise eyes. After becoming a Demon, he gains four black, flame-like markings on both sides of his cheeks, fangs, pale skin, and pointed ears. His eyes receive the kanji of Upper Rank ( (じょう) (げん) Jōgen?) and Six ( (ろく) Roku?).

Kaigaku is usually seen wearing a black kimono with a blue obi over his Demon Slayer uniform with yellow markings. He also wears multiple necklaces with blue magatama-like pendants that were yellow when he was human.


Though outwardly brash and arrogant, Kaigaku is in fact cowardly and selfish. Like many orphans living on the streets, he grew up resorting to thievery and other immoral means survive. This has caused him to develop an intense form of self preservation, often doing what in his own best interest at the expense of others. This is best illustrated in his interactions with Gyomei Himejima's group of orphans.

At some point after this, Kaigaku met and became the disciple of Jigoro Kuwajima. Because of his great talent with a sword, he was poised to become the next Thunder Hashira ( (なり) (ばしら) Nari Bashira?). However, unlike other orphans who join the Corp, Kaigaku never developed a desire to slay demons or protect people. When confronted with a stronger opponent, Kaigaku quickly surrendered. Further, he seems to have developed a sense of hypocritical self-righteousness. He called Zenitsu trash for having no prider or guts, and that those who judge him right (i.e. say he is worthy) are good and those who judge him wrong are evil.


Kaigaku inviting a Demon to Gyomei's temple.

Kaigaku was an orphan and a thief who had to eat scraps and steal to survive. He was one of the orphans Gyomei Himejima cared for at his temple. After he was caught by the other children for stealing temple money, he was chased out at night and encountered a Demon, which he then let in to the temple in exchange for having his life spared.[1]

Kaigaku developed the belief that strength and survival were the only things worth respecting and was willing to grovel and beg for his life if it was what it took to survive. Eventually, he was taken in by Jigoro along with Zenitsu, learning the Thunder Breathing. He became determined to become Jigoro's successor and the new Thunder Hashira. Jigoro, however, insisted that both he and Zenitsu would become his successors, despite Zenitsu's weakness and timid nature.


Natagumo Mountain Arc

Although Kaigaku isn't seen in person, Zenitsu remembers him in a flashback, where Kaigaku threw a peach at him for daring to call Jigoro "grandpa."[2]

Infinity Castle Arc

During the Hashira Training Arc, Zenitsu receives word that Kaigaku had become a Demon, and that Jigoro committed seppuku as atonement. Kaigaku had the unfortunate luck of encountering Kokushibo and, upon witnessing the latter's immense power, kneeled before him and begged to become a Demon. As a Demon, Kaigaku had eaten many people and became powerful enough to become the new Upper Rank 6 of the Twelve Kizuki.

Zenitsu decapitates Kaigaku using Honoikazuchi no Kami.

Inside the Infinity Castle, he and Zenitsu seek each other out. Kaigaku is ultimately beheaded by Zenitsu's Thunder Breathing: Seventh Form - Honoikazuchi no Kami. Kaigaku mockingly comments that their master did favor Zenitsu more for teaching him that form, until Zenitsu admits that the technique was his own making in order to fight alongside Kaigaku as equals. Kaigaku notes that Zenitsu was going to die from severe exhaustion, only for him to be saved by Yushiro in the last seconds. Kaigaku's head screams in anger as he disintegrates.


Physical Abilities

Immense Speed & Reflexes: As a user of Thunder Breathing and an Upper Rank Demon, Kaigaku's movements speed and reflexes are near or maybe at a superhuman level. He can keep up and slightly overwhelm Zenitsu Agatsuma, a user of the same Breathing Style as well as one of the fastest beings in existence.

Unlimited Stamina & Endurance: Kaigaku possesses absolute and infinite stamina and vitality, never tiring and always remaining in optimal physical and mental condition as well as being able to survive an onslaught of attacks while remaining unfazed. This was shown during his battle against Zenitsu Agatsuma, where he was able to overwhelm him physically, making him exhausted while Kaigaku himself showed no signs of pain or fatigue whatsoever.

Supernatural Abilities

Blood Demon Art

  • Electrokinesis: Complementing his breathing and combat style, Thunder Breathing, Kaigaku's Blood Demon Art allows him to generate and manipulate electricity. He mainly infuses electricity with his swordsmanship to enhance the power of his attacks and to make up for his inability to perform its simplest technique: First Form: Thunderclap and Flash. Furthermore, his electricity has been demonically enhanced, creating a sword effect that cracks his opponent's flesh and burns it, greatly augmenting the lethality of his attacks. This also turns the electricity he manipulates a deep shade of black.

Fighting Style

Master Swordsman: Kaigaku is a Hashira-level swordsman, albeit not as strong as the current Taisho-Era Hashira, he was able to beat Zenitsu Agatsuma, a Hashira-level swordsman at well in swordsplay and swordmanship skill breifly.

Enhanced Breathing Techniques: As a Demon, Kaigaku's Thunder Breathing techniques are reinforced and increased in strength. However, he was still being attuned to his newfound Demon abilities at the time of his death. Yushiro commented that had he been given another year or possibly even less, Kaigaku's strength would have crushed Zenitsu on the spot.


Thunder Breathing ( (かみなり) () (きゅう) Kaminari no kokyū?): Kaigaku was taught by a former Hashira, Jigoro Kuwajima in the usage of this Breathing Style and immediately stuck out as a natural prodigy due to having mastered it easily. But despite his natural talent, Kaigaku was was unable to learn the first form of the Breathing Style despite learning the other styles of the Thunder Breathing. Since he can't perform the first form, he uses electricity to make up for that weakness. Therefore, his techniques are more powerful compared to when a normal swordsman uses it.

  • Second Form: Rice Spirit ( () (かた) (いな) (だま) Ni no kata: Inadama?)[3] - Kaigaku unleashes five electrified arching slashes all in a single moment.
  • Third Form: Thunder Swarm ( (さん) (かた) (しゅう) (ぶん) (せい) (らい) San no kata: Shūbun Seirai?)[4] - Kaigaku surrounds the enemy with powerful waves of electricity and sword slashes that slice up the enemy in all directions.
  • Fourth Form: Distant Thunder ( () (かた) (えん) (らい) Shi no kata: Enrai?)[5] - Kaigaku generates powerful lightning strikes in several directions with his blade from a far distance.
  • Fifth Form: Heat Lightning ( () (かた) (ねつ) (かい) (らい) Go no kata: Netsu Kairai?)[6] - Kaigaku unleashes a powerful ranged electrified sword slash upwards that burns the flesh of his opponent.
  • Sixth Form: Rumble and Flash ( (ろく) (かた) (でん) (ごう) (らい) (ごう) Roku no kata: Dengō Raigō?)[7] - One of the most powerful Thunder Breathing techniques. Kaigaku releases a series of strong ranged electricity attacks that strike his opponent from multiple directions.

— Kaigaku's Blood Demon Art —


Flesh Nichirin Katana: Like his peer, Kokushibo, Kaigaku decided to switch his original Nichirin Blade for a modified flesh version that facilitates the use of his Blood Demon Art as he can easily channel his blood into his katana. He carries his katana along with his scabbard on his back.



  • Kaigaku is the second known Demon Slayer to have become a Demon, the first being Kokushibo.
  • Because of the movement pattern of the Thunder Breathing's first form, it can be speculated that one reason he had difficulty mastering it was because he placed his scabbard/sheath on his back instead of either of his waists.
  • Kaigaku received a kimono from Jigoro, identical to the one he himself wore, but Kaigaku never wore it once.[1]
  • Kaigaku's necklace and bracelets are Taijitu/magatama (tomoe) symbols. Before he transforms into a Demon, the symbol is yellow (good, enlightened), and it turns blue (bad, darkness, depth) after he becomes one. The fractured magatama itself seems to represent his broken and unstable mentality.
  • Kaigaku ranked 21st place in 2nd character popularity poll with 865 votes.


  • (To Zenitsu Agatsuma) ""Gramps"? Don't speak of him in that familiar way! Sensei is a former Hashira! Someone who earned the highest title in the Demon Slayer Corps! Almost no one ever gets the chance to be trained by a former Hashira! The time Sensei spends training you is all for nothing! You're an eyesore, okay? Get out of my sight! Why are you here? Why do you insist on clinging here?"[8]
  • (To Zenitsu about his sensei) "I don't care! So what? Are you saying I should be sad? That I should repent? I don't care about anyone who doesn't value me! At every moment I always serve those who know my value!"[9]
  • (To himself) "There is no shame in kneeling before someone in overwhelming strength. As long as you stay alive, it will work out somehow. Until you die, you haven't lost. You may rub your face in the dirt... you may lose your home or drink muddy water... people may curse you for stealing money... but as long as you live on... you can win someday. You will win. I have moved forward with that belief."[10]


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