Kakushi anime

A Kakushi member.

The Kakushi are a group of people who serve the Demon Slayer Corps. They wear black uniform and a headpiece that conceals their appearance other than their eyes. They are grouped into being responsible for different tasks, some of which are:

  • Attendants of the Butterfly Estate, they provide aid to the manor's residents and those healing on the premises.
  • Cleaning the mess often left behind after a large battle.
  • Sewing and repairing the uniforms Demon Slayers wear.
  • Transporting people to and from the Swordsmith Village.

Often, Kakushi are Demon Slayers who have been injured and retire from being Demon Slayers. But there are also cases in which people fail to pass the examination, but become Kakushi in order to still be of use to the Demon Slayer Corps.

Known Members


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