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Kamanue ( (かま) (ぬえ) Kamanue?) was a member of the Twelve Kizuki, having held the new position of Lower Rank Six ( () (げん) (ろく) Kagen no Roku?).[1]


Kamanue was a short young man with incredibly pale skin, his face decorated by a thick line of dark green under both of his eyes and across his nose that ran up vertically into another, shorter horizontal line on his forehead. Four large dots were also placed at the far ends of the line on his cheeks, the middle of the one on his forehead, and below his lower lip. His eyes were cat-like in shape, the pupils slit and the irises pale blue with a white ring around the sides, the kanji for "Six" engraved onto the one on his right. Kamanue also possessed dark brown hair with bright orange tips that was worn swept back but fluffed out on either side of his head and neck.

He wore a white haori with a yellow scale pattern down the sleeves, as well as a white button-up shirt and dark hakama pants.


Kamanue was a very on-edge individual who constantly wore a scared expression, which is likely to do with the fact that he felt weak and yielding as the lowest of the Lower Ranks. He appeared to be constantly skittish during his short time at the Infinity Castle, suggesting a nervous personality.


Rehabilitation Training Arc

The Lower Ranks gathered.

After all of the remaining Lower Ranks gather together at the Infinity Castle, Muzan appears before them in his female form. He regards them with annoyance and tells them to lower their heads and squat in front of him. After they all do so, Mukago utters that she's sorry to have been ordered to bow, as she didn’t recognise Muzan in his current form. Muzan angrily asks why she's speaking without permission, telling her to silence herself and not to talk unless directly asked a question. As she cowers in fear at her feet, Muzan goes on to explain the death of Rui, the only Lower Rank who wasn't among the ones gathered before him, and asks the remaining Demons why they're so weak.[2]

Kamanue about to be killed by Muzan.

Muzan lectures them about how being in the ranks of the Twelve Kizuki isn’t the end; it is only the beginning of what is to come. He states their sole purpose is to consume blood so they can be of use to him. Muzan continues angrily explaining that it has been over a century and the Upper Ranks have remained unchanged, and it has always been those members who have disposed of the Hashira, yet the Lower Ranks are replaced frequently if not constantly, to which Kamanue thinks to himself that he can’t just tell them that.[3] Capable of reading the minds of those he has shared blood with, Muzan angrily asks Kamanue why they couldn’t be told that, expanding and extending his arm into a tentacle to grab the Lower Rank by his body and lift him into the air. Kamanue attempts to apologize, but is promptly eaten by Muzan as the rest of the Lower Ranks (except Enmu) keep their heads lowered in a shocked silence.[4]

Abilities and Powers

Demon Abilities

Little is known about Kamanue's strength and abilities as a Demon, but it can be assumed that he is stronger than Kyogai, the former member of the Twelve Kizuki whose place he took. Though, it can also be assumed that Kamanue isn't as strong as Rui, the Demon who ranked one place above him.


  • His name was revealed in the first fanbook.



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