Kanao Tsuyuri ( () () () カナヲ Tsuyuri Kanao?) is a Demon Hunter and the Tsuguko, who is personally looked after by the Demon Killing Corps' Pillars.[1]


Kanao is a girl of short stature with large eyes and long black hair tied into a side ponytail with a butterfly ornament similar to Shinobu. She wears the standard Demon Hunter uniform but with a long pleated skirt instead of a Hakama and white laced up boots. Kanao also wears a white cloak with a ornament attached on the side.


An indecisive and quiet girl. Due to her past, she doesn't do any good during her childhood like what her master said, admitting her to be so useless in making a decision. She flipped her coin, given by her older Kochou, to decide which fate she must foresee.

But her behavior has improved when she met Tanjiro Kamado, which she regained her human side for making her own decision and lived as free without waiting for anyone ordering her around.


Kamado Tanjiro

She takes a special interest in Kamado. Thanks to his positive interaction she is slowly opening up. It is hinted at, in an extra chapter, that he will become her "special someone" (aka love interest).

Kanae Kocho

Kanae took an interest in Tsuyuri when she saw her being led away as a slave on the bridge. Along with her sister Shinobu, they purchased Tsuyuri from her master and trained her within the Butterfly Estate. Kanae was the person who gave Tsuyuri the coin she uses to make decisions whenever she is indecisive. [2]

Shinobu Kocho

Shinobu was originally against taking Kanao in due to her indecisive nature. Initially, she saw her as a useless, if not dangerous, person. After Kanae's death, she was responsible for helping her and entrusted her with avenging Kanae's death while using herself as a decoy.

Her death caused her to show anger and want to take revenge to the person, Doma, who killed both her two lovable masters.


Much like Shinobu,Kano held strong resentment and hatred for the Upper Moon Two,Doma due to him having killed their Older Sister Kanae,this grudge became even deeper when Doma successfully defeated and ate her other Older Sister Shinobu during their duel,Kanao herself seemed to have become vindictive with her Grudge to the point that she took immense pleasure and satisfaction at calling Doma out on his inner "Emptiness" and non existent Emotions and insulted him cruelly by asking him why he was even born and why he continued to bother living due to not feeling any joy,satisfaction and fullfillment in any of his actions or accomplishments or feel any attachment,love or closeness with anyone and not feeling any rage,sorrow or regret when losing someone.


Kanao was revealed to have lived an impoverished lifestyle before she was taken in by Kanae and Shinobu. Her family was not able to feed or support her so she was sold off as a slave. She was purchased out of slavery by the Kochou sisters and was taken to the Butterfly Estate. Due to her traumatic past, she had social issues when it came to making decisions, such as not eating unless she was told to. Kanae gave her a coin and instructed her to flip it if she ever needs help making a decision in order to help her overcome her indecisiveness.


Final Selection Arc

Natagumo Mountain Arc

Functional Recovery Training Arc

Current Unnamed Arc

Abilities and Powers

Breath of Flower Style ( (はな) () (きゅう) Hana no kokyū?)

  1. Second Form: Plum Spirit ( () (かた) () (かげ) (うめ) Ni no kata: Mikage Ume?)[3] - A defensive techniques that deflects attacks using rotating sword slashes. 
  2. Fourth Form: Crimson Hanagoromo ( () (かた) (べに) (はな) (ごろも) Shi no kata: Beni Hanagoromo?)[4] - A single sword slash that curves and twists. 
  3. Fifth Form: Peony of Futility ( () (かた) (あだ) (しゃく) (やく) Go no kata: Ada no Shukuyaku?) [5] - A graceful flurry of nine consecutive attacks that flow and weave in on themselves. 
  4. Sixth Form: Swirling Peach ( (ろく) (かた) (うず) (もも) Roku no kata: Uzumomo?) [6] A technique used after or during evasion, the user spins around moving with their bodyweight to deliver an attack. 
  5. Final Form: Scarlet Spider Lily Eyes - A focussing technique that raises the users kinetic vision to its maximum, while using this technique the user perceives the world as if it were in slow motion. Usage of the technique however is highly dangerous, as the tremendous strain caused to the eyes ruptured blood vessels and could cause partial or complete blindness.

Natural Abilities

Superhuman Eyesight - Kanao possesses extremely sharp eyesight, being able to accurately predict her opponent's next attack and movements by simply observing the subtle shifts of their muscles, joints and the slight movements of their eyes. This allows her to make effective counterattacks and dodges and stay ahead of her opponents.The Upper Moon Two, Doma, complements on this feat and remarks that due to this skill, Kanao may be more skilled than Shinobu.


  • Kanao was ranked in 8th place as of the first character popularity poll with 712 votes.



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