Kanao Tsuyuri ( () () () カナヲ Tsuyuri Kanao?) is a Demon Hunter and the Tsuguko, who is personally looked after by the Demon Killing Corps' Pillars.[1]


Kanao is a girl of short stature with large eyes and long black hair tied into a side ponytail with a butterfly ornament similar to Shinobu. She wears the standard Demon Hunter uniform but with a long pleated skirt instead of a Hakama and white laced up boots. Kanao also wears a white cloak with a ornament attached on the side.


An indecisive and quiet girl.

Relationships Edit

Kamado Tanjirou Edit

She takes a special interest in Kamado. Thanks to his positive interaction she is slowly opening up. It is hinted at, in an extra chapter, that he will become her "special someone" (aka love interest).

Kochou Shinobu Edit

Shinobu was originally against taking Kanao in due to her indecisive nature. She saw her as a useless, if not dangerous, person.


It is revealed in an extra chapter that she was lived a poor life before meeting Kanae Kochou. She was hungry, sad and lonely for years before something inside her snapped. When this happened she no longer felt sad or pained even when her parents sold her off as a slave. Not long after this she was found and saved by Kanae. Due to her past she had issues with making decisions. She wouldn't even eat unless she was told to. Because of this Kanae told her to flip a coin if she ever needs help making a decision.


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