Kazumi ( (かず) () Kazumi?) is a villager. His fiancée, Satoko, was kidnapped and eaten by the Swamp Demon.


Kazumi is a young man with dark-brown hair and brown eyes with white pupils. He wears a dull, blue kimono with a dark sash and light-brown haori.



At some point, he met and got engaged to Satoko.


First Mission Arc

Kazumi is seen walking together with his fiancée, Satoko, when she suddenly disappears.[1] During the next day, while Kazumi is walking with a dejected expression in town after a fight with Satoko's parents, Tanjiro Kamado approaches him and asks for specifics on his situation. Kazumi shows Tanjiro the place Satoko disappeared, thinking he wouldn't be believed. However, Tanjiro ensures him that he does believe his word.[2] As Tanjiro picks up the scent of the demon and runs after it, Kazumi follows, surprised with Tanjiro's physical abilities. Tanjiro manages to save Tokie from the demon and entrusts her to Kazumi.[3] After Tanjiro has a brief scuffle with the demon, Kazumi demands the demon to return Satoko. The demon shows his collection of hairpins from girls he had eaten and Kazumi recognizes Satoko's hairpin, realizing with despair that she was devoured.[4]

With Nezuko's help, Tanjiro defeats the Swamp Demon. He checks if Kazumi is alright and tries to comfort him, saying that no matter how much loss he goes through, he must continue living. Kazumi, still shocked by the confirmation of his fiancée death, questions Tanjiro how he could possibly understand him. However, as soon as he sees Tanjiro's face, he realizes that he, too, had suffered through the loss of someone important to him. Right before Tanjiro leaves, he gives Kazumi Satoko's hairpin. Kazumi tries to apologize, thinking to himself that Tanjiro shouldn't have to experience such a devastating predicament as a young boy.[5]

Entertainment District Arc

While Tanjiro is fighting against Upper Rank 6, Daki, Kazumi briefly appears in his memory as someone he doesn't want to go through a bad experience again as a result of Demons.[6]

Abilities and Powers

As an ordinary human, he doesn't possess any additional powers or abilities.


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