Kazumi ( (かず) () Kazumi?) is a villager. He had a fiancée named Satoko that was eaten by the Swamp Demon.





First Mission ArcEdit

Kazumi was walking together with Satoko, when she suddenly disappeared.[1] On the next day when Kazumi was walking devastated in town, Tanjirou Kamado approached him and asked him if he can give him some specifics on the situation. Kazumi then showed Tanjirou the place Satoko disappeared, thinking he won't believe him, but Tanjirou ensured him that he believes him.[2] As Tanjirou picked up the scent of the demon and ran after him, Kazumi followed him, but was surprised on Tanjirous physical abilities. Tanjirou managed to save a girl from the demon and entrusted her to Kazumi.[3] After some fight with the demon, Kazumi told the demon to return Satoko, the girl he took last night. The demon the showed his hairpin collection, stating that if her hairpin is there, it means he devoured her already and Kazumi recognized Satoko's hairpin.[4] With Nezuko's help, Tanjirou defeated the demon. He then checked if Kazumi was alright and tried to comfort him and no matter the loses, he must continue living. Kazumi still going through the realization of his dead fiancée, questioned him how could Tanjirou understand him. But as soon as he saw his face, he realized he had loses too and as Tanjirou was leaving, he gave him Satoko's hairpin. Kazumi tried to apologize, thinking to himself a that a young boy should have been in such situation as Tanjirou.[5]

Abilities and PowersEdit

As an ordinary human, he doesn't posses any additional powers or abilities.




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