Keizo ( (けい) (ぞう) Keizō?) is the owner of a martial arts dojo and teaches the Soryu fighting style. He took Akaza (while still human) as his student.


Keizo is an older man with a muscular body and unshaven stubble. He kept a shoulder length black hair which was tied and his eyebrows appears to be quite bushy. He wears a white dojo uniform consisting of a top and pants that is tied with a black obi.



Keizo gets a dojo after saving a man from bandits. He was married, and had a daughter, Koyuki, who was ill. His wife drowns herself because she didnt want to see her daughter die, after that he took care of the child alone but didn't believe she would live long. He was travelling and found Hakuji and took him to his dojo after easily defeating him in a fight, and requested him to take care of his daughter, which Hakuji did. When his daughter becomes 16 he asks Hakuji to take over the dojo and marry his daughter. He was then poisoned by the people from the neighboring dojos dumping poison in the well where he and his daughter drank from while Hakuji was out visiting his father's grave, and died.


Abilities and Powers


  • The reason why his dojo never had any students was because they all went to the neighboring dojos, which were his dojos rivals because they wanted his land.[1]



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