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Kimetsu no Yaiba: One-Winged Butterfly (鬼滅の刃: (かた) (はね) (ちょう) Kimetsu no Yaiba: Katahane no Chō?) is the second light novel series from the Kimetsu no Yaiba (Manga) written by Aya Yajima.[1]


Chapter 1: One Winged Butterfly ( (かた) (はね) (ちょう) Katahane no Chō?)

Following the death of their parents, Shinobu and Kanae return to Gyomei Himejima's home to express their gratitude for saving them. Unwilling to peacefully live out their lives, they beg Gyomei to take them as apprentices in order to become Demon Slayers. However, he is left uneasy about introducing the young girls to the world of Demon Slayers. To compromise, he gives them a proposition: if the girls can move a boulder, he will introduce them to cultivators, allowing them to decide their fate.[2][3]

Chapter 2: The Right Way to Recommend a Hot Spring ( (ただ) しい (おん) (せん) のススメ Tadashii onsen no susume?)

While undergoing training with Tengen Uzui, Zenitsu is left drained of energy from the constant breatment. For his final task, Tengen instructs Zenitsu to dig out a hot spring and persuades him that he will be able to join the mix gendered bath with his wives. Excited by the chance of bathing with women, Zenitsu sets out to quickly accomplish the task, while tricking Inosuke to help him as well.[2][4]

Chapter 3: Mitsuri Kanroji's Secret ( (かん) () () (みつ) () (かく) (ごと) Kanroji Mitsuri no Kakushigoto?)

Mitsuri feels a sense of guilt after learning of Shinobu's reason for joining the Demon Slayer Corps, and comparing it to her own reason. Feeling horrible over her selfish intentions, she proceeds to avoid the members of the corps on purpose. Having sensed a change in Mitsuri's behavior, Obanai speaks to Shinobu to try to figure out what's wrong and cheer her up.[2][5]

Chapter 4: After Waking Up From a Dream ( (ゆめ) のあとさき Yume no Atosaki?)

Following the battle at the Swordsmith Village, Genya is being treated at the Butterfly Mansion for his injuries. He intervenes after a corps member takes out his frustration on the girls, and recalls his temperament as a child. During his youth, he ran away from their abusive home only to be tracked down by Sanemi. Despite being disowned by him, Genya opens up to Sumi about his kind older brother.[2][6]

Chapter 5: For You Who Does Not Smile ( (わら) わない (きみ) Warawanai Kimihe?)

After Tanjiro regains consciousness following Giyu's sparring event, he makes small talk with Giyu, causing him to recall the events of a Hashira Meeting. During this meeting, Gyomei Himejima informs the Hashira — excluding Giyu — that their leader, Kagaya Ubuyashiki, has made a special request for them to make the Water Hashira "smile". Some members try to formulate a plan, while others openly oppose, all in an effort to complete their leader's request.[2][7]

Chapter 6: Kimetsu Academy Tales ~ Paradise Lost ( (ちゅう) (こう) () (かん) ☆キメツ (がく) (えん) (もの) (かたり) パラダイス・ロスト Chūkōikan ☆ Kimetsu Gakuen Monokatari ~ Paradaisu・Rosuto?)