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Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Stage ( () (めつ) () (やいば) : () (たい) Kimetsu no Yaiba: Butai?) is the official stage play adaptation of Koyoharu Gotoge's Kimetsu no Yaiba.[1] A poster for the second part to the stage play adaptation was released on May 30, 2021, alongside the new and returning cast members. Part two of the play will begin in Summer 2021.[2]


Tour Dates

City Dates Location
Tokyo January 18, 2020 - January 26, 2020 THE GALAXY THEATRE
Hyogo January 31, 2020 - February 2, 2020 AiiA 2.5 Theater Kobe


Key Visuals

Part 1 Cast

Part 2 Cast

Digital Release

The DVD and Blu-ray release of the play went on sale on July 22, 2020. The Blu-ray set contained 2 discs and cost ¥10,780, whereas the DVD set contained 2 discs and cost about ¥9,680.[3] A special edition set was also released containing a bonus animated DVD.