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This is the Messaging Policy for the Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki. The following article contains information set as the guidelines for what can and cannot be said on the site.








Messaging Conduct

Wikis grant users several ways of communicating with each other on-site. The Conduct Policy obviously applies here, but there are a few other set rules for the various methods of communication.

Message Walls

Message walls are the easiest way to directly message another user on the wiki, and can be accessed through the "Message Wall" tab on said user's profile. Users will be notified whenever someone leaves a new message or replies to an existing thread on their wall.

Message walls should only ever be used to discuss wiki content, and they are not to be used for personal conversations, even if they are related to the series. Off-topic discussions are not allowed at all on the wiki, but series-relevant conversations can be taken to Discussions if they're appropriate.

Please be aware that while any wall messages will only notify the users who are involved in the specific thread, they are still visible to the entire wiki and are not the same as private DMs or group chats on other sites. Any logged-in user can reply to any message at any time provided it has not been locked or deleted by an administrator.

Talk Pages

Talk pages are pages that can be used to generally discuss a specific article, and can be accessed through the "three dots" menu button next to an article's top right edit button. Nobody will be specifically notified when a message is left on a talk page, but it will be visible as an edit in Recent Changes.

Talk pages should strictly only be used to discuss potential changes to an article, not the subject the article covers (e.g. you could use Akaza's talk page to discuss whether or not a piece of information in his Blood Demon Art section is accurate, but not to discuss why you think his Blood Demon Art is the coolest).

All comments left on talk pages should be signed, which can simply be done by writing ~~~~ at the end of the message. This generates a named signature with a timestamp that shows who left the message and when the message was left.


Comments are a feature that allow people to comment on specific articles. They have been disabled on this wiki due to high traffic and such content is to be moved to Discussions.


Blogs are a means to share more extensive information, and can be created through the "Blog" tab on a user's profile. They are not the same as articles, which means that, while they can still theoretically be viewed by everyone, they are not considered part of the mainspace and do not come up on regular searches. Like talk pages, edits to blogs are visible in Recent Changes.

There's no strict guideline to what blogs can and cannot contain, as long as they:

  • Adhere to the rest of the relevant policies, especially the Conduct Policy
  • Are related to Kimetsu no Yaiba
  • Are more than 2 decently-sized paragraphs long, any shorter and they should be moved to Discussions
  • Are not used in place of any of the other forms of messaging, especially if they're being used to evade any of the wiki's policies
  • Do not spread false information; predictions and theories are perfectly fine as long as they're not said to be fact
    • This includes posting fanon content like fanfictions and OCs; these should be moved to the fanon wiki
  • Are not just copy-pasted information from the wiki's articles
  • Are considered spammy in any way


A wiki's Discussions is essentially its own social media section, and it can be accessed through the speech bubble button at the very top right of any page.

Discussions is first and foremost a place to discuss the series and the wiki, which means it's considered a separate entity to the informational database side of the site. It thus has its own set of guidelines, which can be read here, and a different set of moderators.

These rules are subject to change any time without prior notice. Any further issue not stated here is up to the discretion of the wiki's staff team.