Certain users have access to different functions on Kimetsu no Yaiba Wikia that allow them to perform tasks to improve and protect the wiki. These users are known as administrators.


Bureaucrats are a step above administrators. They possess all rights in a wiki and are the only ones who can give admin status to other users. Bureaucrats are also able to change/edit the wiki's interface/layout. To become a bureaucrat, you need to have another bureaucrat assign you.
Admins maintain and oversee everything on the wiki. Some actions they perform include going back and fixing malicious editing/vandalism, assigning Discussions moderators and aiding in keeping the wiki up-to-date. They also have the ability to lock a page to prevent users without admin/mod rights from renaming or editing a certain page, block IP addresses and/or users, delete pages, and perform a "roll-back" if needed. Admins can also use all of the Discussions moderation features. To become an admin, you need to have a bureaucrat assign you.
Content Moderators
Content moderators assist the admins and bureaucrats with maintaining the wiki and can change protection levels/edit protected pages, delete/undelete pages, and move/overwrite files. To become a moderator, you need to have a bureaucrat assign you.
Discussions Moderators
Discussions moderators have access to all of the necessary mod tools that can be used on Discussions, and their job is to keep Discussions a safe place and ensure that all users are following the rules. Some things they can do is delete/lock posts, delete replies to posts and view reported posts. To become a Discussions moderator, you need to have at least an admin assign you.

What shouldn't the Administration Team do?

Admins should never abuse user/abilities rights for their own gain. If abuse is noticed, it will result in immediate termination of users rights and a permanent ban from the wiki. Admin user rights should be only used to clean up vandalism, organize and clear spam from the wiki. Admins still follow the same rules and policies as everyone else.

Another cause of rights termination may be inactivity. If an administrator stops editing for more than 100 days without prior notice, they will be contacted by an active staff member regarding their position, and, if they then don't reply to that, they will face demotion.

How do I become an Administrator?

Currently, the Kimetsu no Yaiba Wikia is not looking for any administrator/moderator applications. However, if a user presents skill and dedication when editing the wiki, they may be scouted by a bureaucrat and be promoted to admin/mod level.

What's the difference between a Bureaucrat and an Administrator?

A bureaucrat is a user that can make other users bureaucrats or administrators on the wiki. Admins do not have this ability. However, they cannot remove the bureaucrat rights from another user. A Community Staff member must do this.

Current Administration Team


Joined the Team
DarkErigor Inactive May 22, 2017
Kakarots Inactive June 1, 2018
Unok Semi-Active December 10, 2018


Joined the Team
Jess.Hdz15 Hiatus April 27, 2019
Arzene Active November 17, 2019
Rii.ul Active May 7, 2020

Content Moderators

Joined the Team
BoLt3174 Inactive November 12, 2019

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