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Koinatsu ( (こい) (なつ) Koinatsu?) is the oiran of the Tokito House.[1]


Koinatsu is a beautiful woman with fair-skin and soft features. She has large but relaxed black eyes with small eyebrows with black hair.

She is dressed as an upper classed oiran having date-hyōgo Nihongami-styled hair with multiple tama and bira-bira kanzashi hairpins on the top and bottom of her hair. She wore an elaborate kimono being black with a light square patterns, with the folds of her obi at the front and tall, black three-legged koma-geta/mitsu-ashi shoes. The obi shows several branches of a blossom tree.


Koinatsu is a kind and gracious person, readily thanking her subordinates and awarding them with candy for a job well done,[2] as well as smiling at their happiness.[3] In addition, she worries deeply for their well-being when she was to leave to marry a prospective suitor, especially in regards to her inability to investigate the various disappearances that plagued her district.[4] She is also observant, having known that Tanjiro was a boy from the moment he arrived at her establishment.[5] She also seemed to dislike the spreading of rumors, chiding her subordinates for discussing them with Tanjiro, presumably for misinformation.[6]



Entertainment District Arc


As an ordinary human, she doesn't possess any additional powers or abilities.




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