Yoriichi Tsugikuni

Yoriichi and Michikatsu talk about the future CH175

Yoriichi and Michikatsu talk about the future.

Yoriichi was the identical younger twin of Kokushibo — Michikatsu in this case since they mainly interacted when Kokushibo was still a human — and during their childhood, Michikatsu always looked at Yoriichi as a sort of "inferior being" to him. Since the twins were born, Yoriichi was ostracized from his brother since he was born with a grotesque mark, whereas Michikatsu was chosen to be the successor of the family. He would pity Yoriichi for his childish behavior since he would cling to their mother, however he would still try to get along with him as seen when he gave Yoriichi a handmade flute despite the risk of being beaten by their father. [1]

However, when Yoriichi began to display his advanced abilities as a swordsman their roles within the household had flipped. Michikatsu was no longer considered to be the successor of the family, and his brother would take his place in becoming a swordsman. This event fueled Michikatsu's desire to master the ways of the sword like his brother, and bring emotions which would influence some of his choices later in life. When their mother died unexpectedly, Yoriichi informed Michikatsu that he would be leaving home and as he said goodbye, Yoriichi mentions the flute given to him and he smiles while holding it tight. During this time Michikatsu has negative thoughts referring to his smile as "disturbing" and referring to the flute as a "piece of junk" despite being to precious to Yoriichi.

After reading his mother's diary, Michikatsu discovers that Yoriichi was not clinging to his mother, but was in fact supporting her since he knew she was ill. This realization infuriates Michikatsu with genuine hatred and jealousy towards Yoriichi, to the point where he wishes Yoriichi had never been born or begs for him to die. [2]

Yuichiro Tokito

Kokushibo did not have any interaction with Yuichiro since he had died years before Muichiro became a swordsman. However, Yuichiro is a descendant of Kokushibo's immediate family.

Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro encountering Kokushibo CH 164

Muichiro and Kokushibo's first meeting

When two swordsmen first meet, Kokushibo immediately remarks that Muichiro seems familiar to him.[3] After telling Kokushibo his name, Muichiro is stunned when he is told that he is a descendant of Kokushibo's. The aura given off by Kokushibo is intimidating to the point that Muichiro is left shaking and unable to move. However, he is able to overcome his fear and attack Kokushibo but is easily subdued. Kokushibo openly says that Muichiro has developed swordsmanship for someone his age and is impressed to the point where he will convert him into a Demon to serve Muzan.[4]

As the battle between Kokushibo and the Demon Slayers comes to an end, Muichiro is able to come to a close proximity to him and is able to pierce him with his transformed red katana, temporarily immobilizing him. However, Kokushibo continues to strike and fatally wounds Muichiro. When their battle comes to an end Kokushibo displays his remorse at having struck down his descendants.[5]

Muzan Kibutsuji

Not much is known about Kokushibo's perspective towards Muzan, He was willing to become a demon on his own accord because he believed he wouldn't live long after become marked. However it can be assumed that Kokushibo does hold Muzan at a regard as he calls him "Lord" as well as "his lordship". In return, Muzan sees him as a business partner.[6]


There is hostility between Kokushibo and Akaza. He doesn't get along with Akaza, since he sees him as a weakling who disrespects those who are of a higher Upper Moon ranking than him. This is shown the first time when he scolds him for attempting to start a fight with Doma, and later on when he calls him "very weak" for refusing to keep fighting against Giyu Tomioka and Tanjiro Kamado. However, despite the fact that he does not get along with Akaza, Kokushibo later shows jealously towards him after learning that Akaza was almost able to regenerate his head before Kokushibo despite him being a lower rank than him.


Unborn Child
  • The children of Michikatsu and his wife are not included since the story does not indicate which child carries on the lineage.


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