Kotetsu ( () (てつ) Kotetsu?) is a young villager from the Swordsmith Village. His ancestors built the battle doll Yoriichi Type Zero.[3]


Kotetsu is a young man with unruly black hair, worn tied up in a low ponytail.

He wears a striped yukata and a Hyottoko mask (with notable eyebrows) that fully conceals his face.


Kotetsu is a kind and energetic young lad. He is full of passion for his job of maintaining the battle doll Yorichi Type Zero, even though he has not yet mastered the repairs. This causes him much grief and fear but after meeting Tanjiro he realizes that he cannot give up.

He is often very frank and brutal at times. Despite this, he means the best and tries his hardest to help those around him. 



Swordsmith Village Arc

Abilities and Powers


  • Kotetsu's actual face bears a striking resemblance to his mask.



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