Kotoha Hashibira ( (はし) (びら) (こと) () Hashibira Kotoha?) was the mother of Inosuke Hashibira.


Kotoha was described to be a beautiful, young woman, similar in appearance to her son, though Doma stated that she had a softer appearance compared to Inosuke.[1] She wore her long, black hair tied up at the end as a bun and had emerald green eyes.


Kotoha was kind and loving. She treasured Inosuke dearly and would always sing lullabies to him when he was a baby. Doma said she was very naive and stupid aside from her loving nature.


Inosuke Hashibira

Kotoha gave birth to Inosuke at the tender age of 17 or 18 and fled from the abusive relationship she had with Inosuke's father.[2] He would get violent over Inosuke's crying and one day the boy bit his hand and his mother grabbed Inosuke and fled barefoot to the Eternal Paradise Cult. Her husband and his mother chased her there but were killed by Doma, who found them to be too noisy.[3] She loved her son immensely and raised him by herself, often singing songs and promising to protect him. In her final moments, she was apologetic to Inosuke for failing him as his mother and guardian.[4]


Kotoha thought Doma was nice and trusted him, however, she discovered he was a man eating demon and fled, dying trying to protect her son.


Kotoha gave birth to Inosuke as a teenager. Since her husband went on violent sprees over Inosuke's crying, she bit her husband's hand, grabbed Inosuke then ran away from the abusive relationship she had with Inosuke's father, fleeing barefoot through the snow to the eternal paradise cult and taking refuge alongside a group of worshipping villagers.

Kotoha's husband and mother-in-law entered the cult too, but Douma told them they were too noisy, murdered them, and abandoned their corpses in the mountains.[3]

She lived there happily with her son until she suspected that the worshippers were being eaten by Doma. After accusing him of lying to his followers, she ran from the temple with Inosuke in her arms and tried to go through the forest, but was trapped by a cliff. In her final moments, she apologized to Inosuke for failing to protect him and tosses him into the river as an attempt to save his life. She was ultimately killed and eaten by Doma.[5]


Abilities and Powers


  • After Kotoha escaped with Inosuke from her abusive household, and joined the Eternal Paradise cult, her husband and mother-in-law followed her. However, Doma told them they were too noisy, and eventually killed them and abandoned their bodies in the mountains.


  • (To Inosuke) "Pinky promise, pinky promise. I will protect you, I promise that. Until you get big and strong, your mommy will protect you by herself. Sorry Inosuke. You may be feeling lonely now, but your mom is doing her very best to fill your dad's shoes and protect you. Lives can be replaced. But Inosuke, your mom will protect you..."[6]


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