Koyoharu Gotōge (吾峠呼世晴 Gotōge Koyoharu?), born May 5, 1989, is a Japanese mangaka and the author of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Gotoge uses an alligator that wears glasses as their avatar when they make announcements in regards to the series.

Gotōge's avatar


At the age of 24, they participated in the 70th Jump Treasure Newcomer Manga Awards in 2013 with the work Kagarigari (過狩り狩り Kagarigari?).[1] Kagarigari is a 45-page Demon-slaying manga.

The next year, 2014, they published their debut in the Jump Next 2014 vol.2 issue, with a 45 page oneshot titled Monju Shiro Kyodai (文殊史郎兄弟 Monju Shirō Kyōdai?). Later that year, they created a new 46 page oneshot titled Rokkotsu-san (肋骨さん Rokkotsu-san?), published in Weekly Shonen Jump 2014-39 issue. The oneshot was part of Jump's Golden Future Cup as entry #3.

The following year, 2015, Gotoge created a new 47 pages oneshot Haeniwa no Zigzag (蠅庭のジグザグ Haeniwa no Jiguzagu?), published again in Weekly Shonen Jump 2015-21 issue. The story is about Zigzag, who has a mysterious power to remove curses.

In 2016, Gotoge started their first serialization with Kimetsu no Yaiba (鬼滅の刃 Kimetsu no Yaiba?), in Weekly Shonen Jump 2016-11 issue. Kimetsu no Yaiba is a Demon-slaying manga loosely based on their first work Kagarigari. The series ended at 205 chapters on May 17th 2020 in issue 2020-24.


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