Koyuki ( () (ゆき) Koyuki?) was the daughter of Keizo. Due to her sickness, she spent most of her time bedridden while being treated by Hakuji.


Koyuki was a frail young lady. She had black hair which was always tied into a bun fastened with a hairpin and decorated with a Kushi (hair comb) and three snowflake hairpins. Her big eyes had pupils similar to pale flowers.

Koyuki wore a circle-patterned, pink kimono that faded into a snowflake pattern tied with an obi.


Koyuki had a kind and gentle personality, showing much gratefulness to Hakuji during his time looking after her. She would get emotional and cry when having normal conversations with him, especially concerning his reassurance of returning to the annual fireworks show, as it reminded her of hope and that there were many opportunities to enjoy the things she never had the chance to enjoy. 


Koyuki was born very sick and with a weak body. Her mother drowned herself as a result, not wanting to see her baby die. However, Koyuki was able to heal and live with the help of Akaza and her father, recovering two years later and becoming engaged to Akaza. 

However, after her marriage, she and her father were poisoned after drinking water from the poisoned well, passing away at the age of 16 years old at the same time as her father.


Abilities and Powers


  • Her name contains the kanji for "love" ( ko?) and "snow" ( yuki?).
  • Akaza's characteristics as a Demon are closely related to her appearance:
    • Akaza's hair was the same color as her kimono, pink.
    • When Akaza activates his techniques, the snowflake shape of the formation resembles the hair decorations Koyuki wore.




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