The Kyogoku House ( (きょう) (ごく) () Kyōgoku ya?) is a a traditional japanese brothel located in the Entertainment District of Tokyo, Japan.


It is not known when the Kyogoku House was established in Entertainment District. However, when Tengen Uzui was investigating the report of a Demon within the district, he sends his wife, Hinatsuru, to infiltrate the Ogimoto House to try and gather information.[1]

After he loses contact with his wife, Tengen travels to the Entertainment District with the Demon Slayer's to try to infiltrate a second time. After Tanjiro and Inosuke are dropped off at their corresponding houses, Zenitsu is abandoned at the Kyogoku house by Tengen (disguised as Zenko).

It is revealed that two days before the Demon Slayer's arrived at the district, the Demon, Daki, had been discovered living within the house by Omitsu, the headmistress, and seemingly murdered her.[2]

After settling into the house, Zenitsu puts on an emotional performance to play the shamisen for the staff of the house after being abandoned by Tengen.[3]

Following his episode, Zenitsu begins to search the house for Hinatsuru, but when he uses his advanced sense of hearing, he realizes there's a girl crying within the house and runs to her aid. When he arrives to the room, the walls and door have been destroyed and the young girl has been beat up. The orian of the house, Warabihime, comes behind him and demands to know why Zenitsu is in her room, and proceeds to abuse the girl who was supposed to be cleaning the room. Sensing that she is a Demon, Zenitsu tries to protect the girl, but Warabihime becomes enraged and knocks him unconscious.[4]

Zenitsu is then seemingly taken from the house and is not seen there again. It is unknown if the Kyogoku House was still standing at the end of the major battles.

Former Inhabitants

Former Inhabitants
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Warabihime Omitsu Hinatsuru Zenitsu Agatsuma


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