Makomo ( () (こも) Makomo?) was a former apprentice of Urokodaki Sakonji.


A cute and mysterious girl who wears a floral pattern kimono. Her fox mask has two flowers on its right cheek. Tanjirou noticed that her favorite phrase was "We really like Urokodaki-san".


Opposite to Sabito's aggressive personality, Makomo is patient and kind. She points out to Tanjirou any mistakes in his technique and corrects any bad habits he had unconsciously developed.


Although very close, Makomo and Sabito are not siblings. They were both adopted by Urokodaki as orphans. When she went to the Final Selection, she confronted the Hand Demon who was hunting down Urokodaki's students. Angered by the demon's taunting regarding her colleagues' deaths, she was eventually caught by the demon and killed after being torn asunder.


Final Selection Arc

Abilities and Powers

While not much is known about her prowess as a Demon Slayer candidate, she was noted for being able to move quickly to offset her lack of physical strength while fighting.





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