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Matazo ( (また) (ぞう) Matazō?) is the father of Yae and was transformed into a Demon prior to the beginning of Giyu Tomioka's Story.


He is a gray-haired man with short hair, and small stubble on his chin. He looks outwardly 50-60 years old and has a kind face.





Overall Abilities: As a human, Matazo was known to have been a skilled hunter. He made a living by hunting in the mountains, as he managed to train his daughter, Yae, to hunt as well.

Matazo was shown to have been a skilled marksman, as seen where he mainly employed a hunting rifle as his main weapon when hunting bears and deers in the mountain. Matazo was also implied to have some knife skills as well due to the fact that he trained his daughter Yae on how carve up deer, bear, and ilk for their meat and bones.

Abilities (Demon)

Matazo as demon

Upon becoming a demon, Matazo was shown to possess all the natural abilities of one and was seen to have been strong enough to overpower, kill, and eat several hunters who attempted to stop him due to believing he was a bear and later showed to be strong enough to put up a decent fight against the Water Hashira, Giyu Tomioka.

Regeneration: Upon becoming a demon, Matazo was shown to possess slightly above average regeneration for a Demon, as seen where he managed to regrow his head almost immediately upon having a part of his head blown off by Yae and later was able to immediately regrow his lost arm after it was cut off by Giyu.

Flesh Manipulation: During his battle against Giyu, Matazo showed that he could already manipulate and morph the flesh of his arms into blades, spikes, and axes to use as weapons.

  • Flesh Detachment: Matazo was later shown being able to morph a part of his arm into a double bladed axe and then detach it to use as a projectile weapon.


  • The term Matagi, traditionally written as ( (また) () ?) are winter hunters within the Tōhoku region of Japan, north-east of the province of Tōkyō. They hunt bears and deer not just for food, but for spiritual praise towards their dieties within the mountains.



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