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The Mount Natagumo Arc ( () () () () (やま) (へん) Natagumo Yama Hen?) is the fifth story arc of Kimetsu no Yaiba.


At Mount Natagumo, Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke battle a terrible family of spider demons. Taking on such powerful enemies demands all the skill and luck Tanjiro has as he and his companions fight to rescue Nezuko from the spiders’ web. The battle is drawing in other Demon Slayers but not all of them will leave Mt. Natagumo alive...or in one piece![1]

Characters Introduced

Battles and Events

The group recieves orders to investigate Mount Natagumo
The group getting orders to head to Mount Natagumo.png
The group arrives at Mount Natagumo
Mount Natagumo Anime.png
Tanjiro and Inosuke meet Murata
Murata surprised by Tanjiro.png
Giyu and Shinobu Kocho are sent to investigate
Giyu and Shinobu being sent to investigate.gif
Tanjiro and Inosuke discover the Demon Slayer puppets
Ozaki being controlled.png
Tanjiro encounters Rui
Rui appearing above Tanjiro.png
Tanjiro and Inosuke encounter the Mother Spider Demon's doll
Tanjiro defending Inosuke from Mother Spider Demon's doll.png
Tanjiro and Inosuke vs the Mother Spider Demon
Mother Spider Demon getting serious.png
Zenitsu encounters the Son Spider Demon
Zenitsu's fright of the Spider Demon.png
Zenitsu's training flashback
Jigoro comforting Zenitsu.png
Zenitsu vs the Son Spider Demon
Zenitsu vs Son Spider Demon.gif
Tanjiro and Inosuke encounter the Father Spider Demon
Father Spider Demon looking for Inosuke.png
Tanjiro and Inosuke vs the Father Spider Demon
Tanjiro & Inosuke fighting Father Spider Demon.png
Shinobu discovers Zenitsu
Shinobu finding Zenitsu.png
Tanjiro is separated from Inosuke and discovers Rui and the Daughter Spider Demon
Tanjiro discovers Rui and Daughter Spider Demon.png
Giyu arrives to assist Inosuke
Giyu tying Inosuke.png
Tanjiro and Nezuko vs Rui
Tanjiro fighting Rui.gif
Giyu arrives to assist Tanjiro
Giyu using Eleventh Form on Rui's attack.gif
The Daughter Spider Demon's memories
The Daughter Spider Demon welcomed to the family.png
Shinobu vs the Daughter Spider Demon
The Daughter Spider Demon fighting Shinobu.gif
Giyu stops Shinobu from chasing Tanjiro and Nezuko
Giyu holding down Shinobu.png
An order is made to retrieve Nezuko and Tanjiro
Tanjiro is retrieved by the Kakushi.png


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