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The Mugen Train Arc ( () (げん) (れっ) (しゃ) (へん) Mugen Ressha Hen?) is the seventh story arc of Kimetsu no Yaiba.


After dealing with several demonic enemies aboard the Mugen Train, Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke must face the demon spirit of the train itself! Even if they can stop the demon train, the minions of Muzan Kibutsuji are still out there and Tanjiro must continue to improve his strength and skills. Learning the secret of the Hikonami Kagura and Flame Breathing will give him a powerful new advantage.[1]

Characters Introduced

Battles and Events

Kyojuro Rengoku meets the bento vendors at the station
Fuku and her grandmother.png
Kyojuro vs Slasher
Kyojuro kills the Slasher.png
Tanjiro's group arrives to take the train
Inosuke head-butting the train.png
The group meets Kyojuro
Tanjiro and Zenitsu running into Kyojuro on the Train.png
Kyojuro defeats the train demons
Kyojuro uses Second Form against a demon.gif
The Demon Slayers are put to sleep
The group asleep on the train.png
The Demon Slayers defeat Enmu's dream invaders
Kyojuro choking one of Enmu's followers.png
The Demon Slayers vs Enmu
Enmu reveals he's fused with the train.png
The train crashes
Zenitsu and Nezuko knocked out.png
Akaza appears
Akaza's proposal.png
Kyojuro vs Akaza
Akaza and Kyojuro exchanging blows at blinding speeds.gif
Akaza reports back to Muzan
Akaza reports back to Muzan.png
The group take on recovery missions at the Butterfly Mansion
Recovery Missions.png
Tanjiro meets Shinjuro and Senjuro
Shinjuro shouts at Senjuro and Tanjiro.png


  1. Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga: Volume 8.