Murata ( (むら) () Murata?) is a member of the Demon Slayer Corps.


Murata possesses plain and unremarkable features; straight jet-black hair parted down the middle, similarly colored eyes and possesses an athletic build.

Murata wears the black standard Demon Slayer uniform, consisting of a gakuran jacket and hakama pants.


Not much about Murata's personality is known, however he does seem braver than most, continuing to fight atop Natagumo Mountain even after his entire group was wiped out.


Before becoming a Demon Slayer, Murata's family was killed by Demons. Because he had no living relatives left, he joined the Demon Slayer Corps.[1]

Murata's history before his mission to Natagumo Mountain is unknown, however he, much like most of the first Demon Slayers sent to the mountain, was fairly low in rank.

Murata was in the same final selection as Sabito and Giyu. Despite that, he claims to have many differences with him.


Natagumo Mountain Arc

Murata holding off the controlled Demon Slayers.

Having been sent to Natagumo Mountain to exterminate the Demons living there, Murata is approached by Tanjiro Kamado and Inosuke Hashibira. He explains to them how the Demon Slayers sent to the area started killing each other as soon as they arrived. He is then startled by the arrival of another group of these puppet soldiers.[2] Locked in combat with one of them, he is saved from a sneak attack by his two juniors, hastily introducing himself while resuming his fight.[3] The senior officer urges them to leave the puppet soldiers to him, despite Inosuke's insults, warning them of the possibility of stronger controlled people up ahead.[4]

Murata saved by Shinobu.

Some time later, Murata is ambushed by the Daughter Spider Demon and wrapped up in her Acid Cocoon technique, which he couldn't cut out of.[5] He is freed by the Insect Hashira, Shinobu Kocho, and asked whether it was a good decision to have let the Older Sister Demon live. The Hashira explains that she had actually used Wisteria poison to kill their opponent, before pointing out his lack of clothes, much to Murata's embarrassment.[6]

Rehabilitation Training Arc

Murata after meeting the Hashira.

Murata visits Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsu Agatsuma at the Butterfly Mansion. He complains about the hellish situation of being summoned to the Hashira Meeting to report what had happened on Natugumo Mountain, but hastily leaves when Shinobu comes to visit.[7]

Hashira Training Arc

Murata meets Tanjiro and Inosuke during his training with Gyomei Himejima.

Infinity Castle Arc

Murata rescues Zenitsu and Yushiro during the battles in the Infinity Castle. Later on, after the fortress collapses, Giyu Tomioka asks him to bring a fallen Tanjiro to safety and treat his wounds.

Abilities and Powers


Water Breathing ( (みず) () (きゅう) Mizu no kokyū?): Murata is a user of the Water Breathing, however, for Murata, the water is too faint to be able to be seen.[1]

Although not on par with the likes of Tanjiro or Inosuke, Murata's prowess is superior to that of his squad, as evidenced by being its only survivor (albeit with the aid of multiple characters). His assistance in dealing with his manipulated comrades was vital in buying time for Tanjiro and Inosuke to defeat the Mother Spider Demon. Since the puppets had their powers augmented because of the Demon's Blood Demon Art, his ability to hold them back was a testament of his above average performance. He was also able to reach the last stage in the Hashira training curriculum, which hardly any members could do.


  • After his run-in with the Daughter Spider Demon and his subsequent rescue by Shinobu Kocho, Murata acts highly awkward around her, most likely because of his lingering embarrassment from the event.
  • Murata is one of the few background characters to repeatedly appear again in other arcs besides the one he was introduced in.
  • Murata considers himself fairly "normal" compared to Tanjiro, Inosuke and Zenitsu, serving as an example of an average Demon Slayer.
  • He was in the same Final Selection as Giyu and Sabito.[8]
  • After his first love complimented his hair, Murata has devoted himself to grooming and regularly applying camellia oil to it, resulting in its silky look.[9]
  • When Tanjiro and Inosuke first met him on Natagumo Mountain, his rank was Kanoe.[9]


  • (About Giyu Tomioka) "Tomioka remembered my name... We were together since the Final Selection too...!! I know there's a huge difference between us but we were in the same batch, man...!!"[8]


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