Murata ( (むら) () Murata?) is a member of the Demon Killing Corps.





Natagumo Mountain Arc

Having been sent to Natagumo Mountain to exterminate the Demons living there, Murata was approached by Kamado Tanjirou and Hashibira Inosuke. He explained to them how the Demon Hunters sent to the area started killing each other as soon as they arrived. He was then startled by the arrival of another of these puppet soldiers.[1] Locked in combat with one of them, he is saved from a sneak attack by his two juniors, hastily introducing himself while fighting once more.[2] The senior officer then urged them to leave the puppet soldiers to him, despite Inosuke's insults, warning them of the possibility of stronger controlled people up ahead.[3]

Some time later, Murata was ambushed by the Older Sister Spider Demon and wrapped up in her Acid Cocoon technique, which he couldn't cut out of.[4] He was freed by the Insect Pillar, Kochou Shinobu, and asked whether it was a good decision to have let the Sister Demon live. The Pillar explained that she had actually used wisteria poison to kill their opponent, before pointing out his lack of clothes, much to Murata's embarrassment.[5]

Functional Recovery Training Arc

Murata visited Tanjirou, Inosuke, and Zenitsu at the Butterfly Estate. He complained about the hellish situation of being summoned to the Pillar Meeting to report what had happened on Natugumo Mountain, leaving hastily when Shinobu also came to visit.[6]

Abilities and Powers




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