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Things don’t go exactly the way we want them to. We’re only human. You get to decide where your happiness comes from. What’s important is now.
Nezuko Kamado's ideology of accepting one's humanity in Worm, Simpleton, Stupid Coward

Nezuko Kamado (竈門 (かまど) () () () Kamado Nezuko?) is the deuteragonist of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. She is a demon and the younger sister of Tanjiro Kamado and one of the two remaining members of the Kamado family. Formerly a human, she was attacked and transformed into a demon by Muzan Kibutsuji.

Quick Answers

What is Nezuko Kamado's most prominent trait as a demon? toggle section
Nezuko's most prominent trait is her extraordinary growth rate, allowing her to fight powerful demons within a short span of time
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How does Nezuko recover her strength? toggle section
Instead of devouring human flesh, Nezuko recovers her strength through sleep.
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What happens to Nezuko when she transforms further? toggle section
In her full demon form, Nezuko becomes more demonic in appearance and her physical capabilities are greatly enhanced.
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What is Nezuko's unique ability that sets her apart from other demons? toggle section
Nezuko gains the ability to completely resist sunlight.
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What is Nezuko's Blood Demon Art? toggle section
Nezuko's Blood Demon Art allows her to combust her blood at will into flames that are harmful for demons.
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Nezuko is a young girl with fair skin, visibly large, prominent fangs, a slender build, and sharp, stiletto nails with a base color of light pink and ombre fading to a red-pinkish color at the end where they point. Her hair is long, black, and wavy. It reaches just below her waist, turning a flame-orange color as it passes her elbows, and appears to be crimped into large, straight ridges, worn side-swept drastically to her left. She has soft-looking, pale pink eyes that appear a lighter color around the rims of their irises, slanted downward toward the sides of her face and framed by notably long eyelashes, the pupils of which can appear slit as she transforms. In the manga, Nezuko can sometimes be shown with more than one bow. According to Tanjiro Kamado, Nezuko was known as a great beauty in their home town.[4]

She wears a light pink kimono with an asanoha (hemp leaf) pattern, the lining a paler pink, secured by a red and white-checkered hanhaba obi with an orange-threaded obijime and a green obiage. Over this, she sports a long, dark-brown haori that reaches her calves, as well as a pair of zōri with pink straps and white tabi socks, wrapped with thick pieces of black material resembling kyahan. Nezuko also wears a small pink ribbon on the left side of her head to keep her hair out of her face, along with the bamboo muzzle Giyu Tomioka gave her,[5] which is secured around her jaw with a strip of red cloth.

When Nezuko transforms into her awakened form during her fight with Daki, she has a bigger, taller, and more curvaceous body with longer hair that reaches to her feet. She loses her bamboo muzzle and footwear, as well as the sleeves of her haori and kimono. She grows a short white horn on the right side of her forehead, designed with an irregular crack pattern, along with vein-like patterns in her forehead near her horn. She has a vein-like pattern around her left eye, but her most striking new feature is the red and green vine-like pattern that covers her skin, circling around her arms, legs, and chest.

As a human, she had a very similar appearance, the only differences being her lack of demon-like traits, fiery-coloured hair, and pale pink eyes. Instead, Nezuko had fully black hair, was tied back in three low buns, was decorated by pink ribbons, and had eyes of a darker pink color. She wore the same kimono, just without her haori and with a white Onbuhimo cloth tied around her, which she used to carry her little brother, Rokuta Kamado, on her back.[6] After becoming human again, these features return, with the exception of her hair, which seems to retain its flame-orange tips,[7] a feature that would be passed down to her descendant, Toko.



Nezuko's original personality as a human was that of a kind and caring girl who thought of others before herself, much like her older brother, Tanjiro. Additionally, she was a responsible elder sister to her younger siblings and often put their needs before her own.[8][9] Nezuko is, however, not afraid to get in harm's way, protecting her friends from demons even after being returned to a human state. It is also shown that Nezuko's humane, laid-back demeanor supports this fact after Tanjiro apologizes to her.[10]

Nezuko patting Yushiro's head EP10

Nezuko's friendly disposition.

While Nezuko initially starts off like any other demon, bloodthirsty and hungry for human flesh, after seeing her brother's desire to protect her from being killed by a Demon Slayer despite her being a demon, she changes completely and becomes fiercely protective of him. Nezuko seems to have forgotten a good portion of her memories as a human, besides those related to her family, and thus doesn't retain the exact personality she had before transformation, instead acting akin to a child. She is still very caring and protective towards humans who she sees as members of her family, although this is mainly due to the influence Sakonji Urokodaki had on her while she was asleep for two years. Nezuko also retains some of her human emotions, as she has been seen to cry when sad and smile when happy, but in general, she appears more detached than her human cohorts, although she is still much calmer and less malicious than most demons. Nezuko also tends to see the images of her siblings in other humans, like Rokuta Kamado in Yushiro.

Nezuko protects her brother

Nezuko protecting Tanjiro from Giyu.

Since becoming a demon, Nezuko appears to have become rather brazen and does not seem to fear fighting; she fiercely guards her brother as well as her allies. She has also developed a strong willpower, which can be seen through her refusal to consume human flesh or blood, even in cases of extreme injury or exposure to human blood, which can be seen when she refuses Sanemi Shinazugawa after he attempts to lure her into biting him with his Marechi blood.[11] Her strong willpower remains even when she is no longer a demon, as shown when she willingly leaps in front of Inosuke to protect him from her own brother, who had become a demon and was attempting to kill those around him. Though she could have been killed, Nezuko did not hesitate to protect her brother.

On the rare occasion that Nezuko attempts speech, she has been seen to stutter a lot, which may be due to her bamboo mouthpiece, which is seldom removed, and the fact that she didn't speak for a number of years after her transformation. However, after developing resistance towards sunlight, which allows her to go outside and interact with others more often, her speech has shown signs of improvement, and she is able to fully pronounce words if someone else has just spoken them,[12] or hears them repeated frequently enough.[13]

It was later revealed by Tamayo that her missing memories and underdeveloped personality were due to her not being fully conscious, as she prioritized developing her resistance to the sun over regaining her consciousness.[14]


Overall Abilities

Nezuko overpowering Daki

Nezuko overpowering Daki, an Upper Rank demon of the Twelve Kizuki.

Despite not being a member of the Twelve Kizuki, Nezuko is a very powerful demon. Her most prominent trait is her extraordinary growth rate, due to the high amount of blood she received from Muzan Kibutsuji when he turned Nezuko into a demon. This was shown in many battles where she could defeat her enemies despite being overwhelmed by them in the beginning. She has been shown to defeat her enemies by increasing her own physical capabilities, enhancing her regeneration, or developing her own Blood Demon Art in dire situations.

Nezuko has displayed great combat proficiency and skill in battle, overpowering the Temple Demon, Swamp Demon, and Susamaru. Later on, her power further augmented to the point where she could fight against the likes of the Upper Ranks of the Twelve Kizuki, such as Daki, whom she easily managed to overpower despite initially being no match for her, and Hantengu's clones, who she could fight on equal grounds with.

Demon Abilities

Abnormal Demon Physiology: Nezuko has several unique traits that set her apart from all other demons. Most notably, Nezuko can continuously restore her power without consuming any human blood, like any other demon would need to do. Instead, she recovers her strength through sleep alone, though she would have to spend a lot of time sleeping in order to recuperate and regain her power. Moreover, Nezuko has an extraordinary growth rate, as shown multiple times when she grows stronger without any training or consuming humans. This ability is shown to trigger even in the midst of battle and with huge power boosts. Her rapid growth in power was first displayed during her battle against Susamaru; though her foot was initially blown off by the Temari Demon's ball attack, upon regenerating, she was able to take the force of her attack and engage the demon in a back-and-forth skirmish that she was even able to come out of triumphant.

  • Nezuko conquers the sun

    Nezuko in broad daylight.

    Advanced Demon Form: Nezuko has the ability to enter a berserk state where she becomes more demonic in appearance, transforming into an adult version of herself with vine-like tattoos that circle her body and a single horn protruding from her right forehead side. Nezuko's physical capabilities in this state are drastically increased to the point where she could sever Daki's limbs by stomping on them and kick her from extremely far distances, destroying multiple buildings in the process. Her regenerative abilities also become on par with those of the Upper Ranks of the Twelve Kizuki. When she first awakened this ability in her fight with Daki, she became frenzied in battle, lost her usual restraint to human blood, and only reverted back to normal when Tanjiro sang her a lullaby. She eventually became able to transform into her Advanced Demon Form while maintaining her usual composure and keeping herself from feeding on or attacking humans.
  • Sunlight Immunity: During her battle with Hantengu, she suddenly managed to develop immunity to sunlight, allowing her to be active regardless of whether she was in the sun or not.

Blood Control: In addition to her Blood Demon Art, Nezuko has shown in her Advanced Demon Form that she has control over her own blood's viscosity. When her limbs and head were severed and she was going to be attacked by Daki further, Nezuko managed to control her limbs and head by congealing and solidifying the blood spraying from them before the streams could break apart. She was able to command her limbs to grab and stop Daki's sashes, and, even though it was done with floating, severed limbs connected by blood, she was able to do it with such strength that the sashes were stopped dead in their tracks. She was then able to pull all of her limbs back together through those blood streams, allowing her body to regenerate.[15]

Nezuko reattaches her body parts

Nezuko instantly reattaching her body parts.

Immense Regeneration: As a demon, Nezuko has enhanced regenerative abilities that allow her to heal in the blink of an eye. When she first became a demon, her regeneration was relatively slow compared to other demons, taking a few moments to heal her wounds. However, once in her awakened state, her regeneration ability evolved to the point where it matched the caliber of the Upper Ranks of the Twelve Kizuki, allowing her to reconnect her whole torso and body parts as well as regrow her arms and legs instantly. Daki noted that Nezuko's regeneration surpassed her own.

Size Alteration: Upon being transformed into a demon, Nezuko displayed the basic ability to change and alter her body's size and height. She was able to shrink herself into the physical size of a small child in order to fit inside a small box or a basket, and she could also enlarge herself into a much bigger form.

Physical Abilities

Nezuko kicks demon's head off

Nezuko kicking the Temple Demon's head off.

Immense Strength: Nezuko possesses naturally enhanced physical strength as a demon. Even after her recent transformation and with little sleep to recover, she was strong enough to decapitate the Temple Demon with a kick. Nezuko punched the Swamp Demon hard enough to cause him to cough blood and was capable of overwhelming the demon with powerful punches and kicks. As she has no previous combative experience, Nezuko relies on brute strength, using her legs as her main weapon to deliver fast and strong kicks. She has also been shown to increase her strength in battles during dire situations, like strengthening her legs to kick back Susamaru's handballs despite having her legs torn off by them earlier.

In her Advanced Demon Form, she could pierce through Daki's durable body with a single kick and was able to hold down her obi with her bare limbs; these same obi were powerful enough to wreak massive destruction across a city. In her battle against Upper Rank Four Hantengu, Nezuko was capable of attacking the demon's clones on equal grounds, kicking Karaku's mouth and partially severing his head, grappling with Aizetsu, and leaping high enough into the air to save Tanjiro Kamado when Zohakuten's giant dragons tried to crush him.

Fighting Style

Skilled Hand-to-hand Combat: Despite having no known fighting experience prior to becoming a demon, Nezuko is a skilled hand-to-hand combatant. Her fighting style mainly revolves around the use of her powerful legs to deliver devastating blows and her sharp nails. Since transforming into a demon, she has been a major contributor to battles fought by Tanjiro, frequently assisting on the occasion that he is overwhelmed by an opponent.

Blood Demon Art

Nezuko uses her Blood Demon Art against Daki

Nezuko burning Daki using her Blood Demon Art.

Combustible Blood: Nezuko's Blood Demon Art allows her to combust her blood into pink-colored flames at will. Her flames have a special property that makes them exclusively harmful to demons, objects belonging to demons, and Blood Demon Arts while being completely harmless to humans and other objects. These flames can hamper the regeneration of other demons, as shown when Daki's burns took much longer to heal than traditional wounds. Nezuko's Blood Demon Art was also able to neutralize Gyutaro's poison to save Inosuke Hashibira and Tengen Uzui from dying.[16] Her flames also have the ability to temporarily turn Nichirin Swords bright red, increasing the strength of attacks inflicted by them. A drawback to Nezuko's Blood Demon Art is that overuse of it can cause her to fall asleep.[17]


  • Exploding Blood ( (ばっ) (けつ) Bakketsu?): Nezuko can ignite the blood that has exited her body, turning it into crimson-pinkish flames that are harmful to demons.

Nezuko's Blood Demon Art

Game Exclusive Techniques

  • Heel Bash (かかと () とし Kakato Otoshi?)[18] - Nezuko flips into the air, and with the momentum of the flip, unleashes a downward axe-kick. The axe-kick itself is powerful enough to cause a small crater in the terrain.
    • Exploding Blood Heel Bash ( (ばっ) (けつ) かかと () とし Bakketsu Kakato Otoshi?)[18] - A stronger variation of Heel Bash where Nezuko "teleports" into the air and unleashes a downward axe-kick with great force, creating a surge of crimson-pink flames upon contact with the terrain.
  • Crazy Scratching ( (みだ) () Midarezaki?)[18] - Nezuko unleashes a rampage of overlapping slashes with her nails covered with the crimson-pink flames of her Blood Demon Art until it finishes with a larger X-shaped slash with both her arms.
  • Flying Kick ( () びかかり () Tobikakari Geri?)[18] - Nezuko jumps in the air and quickly dashes toward her enemy. As she gets near her opponent, she then backflips, using the momentum to kick her opponent high into the air.
  • Nails of Fury ( () () (つめ) Kirisaku Tsume?)[18] - Nezuko unleashes a powerful uppercut scratch, with trails of her pink flames being left behind.
  • Exploding Blood Strike ( (ばっ) (けつ) () Bakketsu Tsuki?)[18] - Nezuko lunges forward and performs a knife hand thrust that leaves a trail of pink flames.
  • Frenzied Kicks ( (れん) (ぞく) () Renzoku Geri?)[18] - Nezuko releases two upward kicks, followed up by a horizontal rotating kick right after.
  • Fiery Slash ( (ばく) (えん) () Bakuen Zaki?)[18] - Nezuko unleashes an X-shaped scratch that engulfs her target into a whirlwind of pink flames and retreats back.
  • Drop Kick ( () りおろし Keri Oroshi?)[18] - Nezuko dashes forward at blinding speeds to simulate teleportation and performs a powerful drop kick with just one leg.
  • Spin Kick ( (まわ) () Mawashi Geri?)[18] - Nezuko charges forward and unleashes a lateral spinning vertical kick to slam her opponent to the ground, causing a large explosion of crimson-pink flames as a result.
  • Exploding Blood, Rupture ( (ばっ) (けつ) (もう) (げき) Bakketsu - Mōgeki?)[18] - Nezuko performs a drop kick at her opponent and drags them along the ground, followed up with a series of scratches from left to right and vice versa that slowly engulf the ground on fire before finishing it off with a destructive axe-kick, uprooting and igniting the ground into crimson-pink flames.




*The story does not indicate which child of Sumiyoshi carries on the lineage nor the quantity of generations that follow prior to Tanjuro.


  • Nezuko is the first demon to ever be a member of the Demon Slayer Corps.
  • The first kanji of Nezuko's name means "red bean" (禰豆 (ねず) nezu?) and is also part of the Japanese word for a flower, the Japanese Snowball ( () () () gonezu?). Whereas the second kanji is a common feminine suffix, which translates to "child" ( () ko?). The first kanji of her last name translates to a traditional Japanese wood or charcoal-fuelled cookstove/furnace ( (かま) kama?), while the second kanji means "door" ( () do?).
    • The fact that her surname translates to the word for a wood-fueled furnace is likely a reference to her family's occupation prior to their demise.
  • The first part of Nezuko Japanese voice actress' name, Akari Kitō ( () (とう) 明里 (あかり) Kitō Akari?), means "Demon" ( () ki?).
    • Nezuko and Kito also share the same height, 5'0".
  • Nezuko's English voice actress, Abby Trott, also voices Ukogi, Zenitsu's sparrow.
  • Nezuko's rankings in the popularity polls are as follows:
    • Nezuko ranked 3rd place in the first popularity poll with 3,319 votes.
    • Nezuko ranked 11th place in the second popularity poll with 5,000 votes.
  • The reason Nezuko's hair isn't bound up now that she's a demon is because Tanjiro is not that good at doing it for her and she cannot do it herself now. The accessory she has at the front is the one piece Tanjiro can do well for her, and since Nezuko doesn't remove it, it stays on.
  • Nezuko gets really happy when her hair is braided like Mitsuri Kanroji's. Tanjiro is shown trying to braid it for her after Chapter 105.[19]
  • Before becoming a demon, Takeo Kamado once asked Nezuko about her ideal man. She replied by saying "My ideal man is like a rook!", referring to a shogi piece that can move any number of squares horizontally or vertically.[20]
  • Nezuko is good at rock, paper, scissors. When she and her brother have to decide something and can't come to an agreement, they play rock paper scissors, and she always wins.[21]
  • Nezuko's favorite food is konpeitō ( (こん) (ぺい) (とう) Konpeitō?), Japanese colored sugar sweets shaped like tiny-orbs with small bulges all around it.
  • In Kimetsu Academy, Nezuko is a girl who's known to bite baguettes and keeps it in her mouth, referencing her bamboo muzzle.[22]


  • (To herself) "Humans are to be protected and saved... I will never hurt them." [23]
  • (To Tanjiro Kamado) "Stop apologizing, Tanjiro. Why are you always saying you're sorry? Is it because we were poor? Did you feel unworthy because you wore a tattered kimono? Is that why you're always looking to take the blame? That's just the way things were when father died. We tried as hard as we could, but it didn't work. It's no one's fault. Things don't go exactly the way we want them to. We're only human. You get to decide where your happiness comes from. What's important is now. Let's look to the future. Let's do our bestーtogether!"[24]
  • (To Tanjiro Kamado) "My dear brother! I'm so sorry. I'm sorry I didn't understand for so long. I put everything on your shoulders. Why is it you who always has to suffer? Why do kind people who struggle every day get trampled over and over? It's frustrating but don't give in! It is almost over so don't turn into a demon. Let's go home. Let's go back home together."[25]


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