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Nichika Ubuyashiki ( (うぶ) () (しき) にちか Ubuyashiki Nichika?) is one of the older daughters of Kagaya Ubuyashiki. Along with her sister Hinaki Ubuyashiki, she stayed by his side and died with him.


Like the rest of her family, Nichika had large eyes with pale skin. She wore her short, white hair in a blunt bob with a fringe.

Nichika wore a dark blue Hōmongi kimono with purple flowers as its pattern and a maroon obi with a cream yellow obiage and juban under everything. On the left side of her hair, she donned a yellow ribbon.


Not much was known about her personality, but she does show a sense of loyalty for dying along with her twin sister when their father sacrificed himself to defeat Muzan.


Nichika was born into the family of Kagaya and Amane Ubuyashiki along with twin sister Hinaki and is one of the eldest daughters in the family.


Kidnapper's Bog Arc

Mount Natagumo Arc

Nichika stands next to Kagaya and Hinaki as Kagaya instructs Giyu Tomioka and Shinobu Kocho to head for Mount Natagumo.

Rehabilitation Training Arc

Nichika helps Kagaya at the Hashira meeting with her sister.

Infinity Castle Arc

Nichika sacrifices herself by the explosion of the Ubuyashiki Mansion along with her sister, father and mother.




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