The Ogimoto House ( (おぎ) (もと) () Ogimoto ya?) is a a traditional japanese brothel located in the Entertainment District of Tokyo, Japan.


It is not known when the Ogimoto House was established in Entertainment District. However, when Tengen Uzui was investigating the report of a Demon within the district, he sends his wife, Makio, to infiltrate the Ogimoto House to try and gather information.[1]

After he loses contact with his wife, Tengen travels to the Entertainment District with the Demon Slayer's to try to infiltrate a second time. When they are walking on the street, the madam of the Ogimoto household coincidentally bumps into Inosuke Hashibira (disguised as Inoko), and offers to take her in as a courtesan.

After settling into the house, Inosuke begins to investigate the whereabouts of Makio, and overhears a rumor that she has been sick and stuck in her room. Unbeknownst to him, Makio was being held captive by Daki's Obi Demon which was spying on her and holding her captive.[2]

As the Obi Demon begins to kidnap Makio, Inosuke senses its movement and begin to gives chase, he bursts into the run to discover it has been torn. He runs down the hall and is about to seemingly punch through the wall to capture the Demon, but ends up punching a customer in the face, horrifying the Ogimoto staff and thus allowing the Obi Demon to escape.[3]

That evening Inosuke changes back into his uniform and leaves the Ogimoto to prepare to face the Demons. It is unknown if the Ogimoto House was still standing at the end of the major battles.

Former Inhabitants

Former Inhabitants
Inosuke Hashibira
Makio Inosuke Hashibira


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