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Omitsu ( () () Omitsu?) was the manager of the Kyogoku House in the Entertainment District of Yoshiwara, Tokyo.


Omitsu was a middle-aged woman with noticeable wrinkles on her face and sharp eyes. Her black hair was tied up in a geisha style held with a decorative comb.

During her sole appearance, Omitsu was seen wearing a patterned kimono tied with a light-colored obi.


Although not much is known about Omitsu's personality, it seems that she was an esteemed figure in the brothel, evident by the number of people that mourned her passing days after she was discovered dead.[1]

Omitsu appeared to highly respect Warabihime and was possibly afraid of her, but she took the initiative to confront the oiran after realizing her rude behavior towards others was a contributing factor to many suicides.[2]


As a child, Omitsu heard from elders about the cruelty of a certain oiran and her ruthless treatment of others.[3]

Later on, Omitsu would become the manager for the Kyogoku House.


Entertainment District Arc


As an ordinary human, she doesn't possess any additional powers or abilities.


  • Warabihime and others of the Kyogoku House call her Okami ( () (かみ) さん Okami-san?) meaning the proprietress of their own residence.



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