Sabito ( (さび) () Sabito?) was a former apprentice of Urokodaki Sakonji.


Sabito is described as wearing a colourful jacket, with peach coloured hair, and a visible scar by his mouth. He is also seen wearing a fox mask with a scar located by mouth similar to Sabito's scar.

It is later revealed that Sabito's spirit was present during Tanjirou's training, instead of his physical state.


Sabito (as a spirit) is seen as a ruthless mentor, acting unnecessarily harsh towards Tanjiro as he trained for the Final Selection. However, after Tanjiro succeeded in dividing the boulder, Sabito can be seen smiling with pride at his accomplishment. According to Giyu, Sabito was a very kind boy with a strong sense of justice back when he was still alive (At that time Giyu was 13 years old) and it is implied that Sabito was a selfless person as seen in the flashback when it was revealed he saved everyone in the Final Selection.


Sabito was an orphan who was sheltered by Urokodaki, who trained him to become a demon slayer alongside Giyu Tomioka. During the Final Selection, he saved multiple attendees, including a wounded Giyuu. However, before the Final Selection ended, he confronted by a vengeful demon which was entrapped on Mt. Fujikasane by Urokodaki. While fighting the demon, his blade broke on the demon's armored neck, and he was tragically killed like most of Urokodaki's students.


Final Selection Arc

Abilities and Powers

While not much is known about his prowess as a Demon Slayer candidate, he was skilled enough to prevent the deaths of all other candidates during his Final Selection. And he was most likely a practitioner of the water breath style, due to him being trained by Urokodaki.


  • He is considered the best among them under the guidance of their master, Urokodaki Sakonji, however, because of his determination to save all of the young candidates from the mutant demon in the Final selection.


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