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Saburo ( (さぶ) (ろう) Saburō?) is a villager from the village near Tanjiro's home.


Saburo's hair is curbed. He has an oblong forehead and sharp brown eyes with no distinct pupils.


Saburo possesses sharp discernment. He also displays sincerity towards young Tanjiro, willing to offer him his own house to take rest in for a night because he believes man-eating demons will come out during the night and it would be unsafe for travel.


As an ordinary human, Saburo does not posses any additional power or abilities.


Not much is known about Saburo's past except that his family was killed by man-eating demons.


Final Selection Arc

Saburo sees Tanjiro Kamado heading back towards the mountain and since it is getting dark, he invites him to spend the night at his house, as Demons can appear in the night. At first, Tanjiro declines, but Saburo manages to convince him. A bit later as Tanjiro is eating dinner, Saburo is explaining to him how the demons come out at night and that he would have been eaten, so it is better to head towards the mountain in the morning.[1] Before falling asleep, Tanjiro asks if the demons can enter houses, to which Saburo confirms they can, but the great spirit hunters kill the demons for them. Tanjiro was skeptical and thought that Saburo may just be lonely as he is living all alone after his family died from an incident. In the morning, as the sunrise enlightens the whole snowy forest, Tanjiro leaves Saburo's house and travels home.[2]

Sunrise Countdown Arc

Following their recovery, Tanjiro and Nezuko return home with Zenitsu and Inosuke. As they reach the foot of the mountain, they encounter Saburo outside his home and tearfully run towards him. Saburo and the Kamado siblings shed tears as they share an embrace on the ground.[3]


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