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Shinazugawa Sanehiro (不死 (しなず) (がわ) (さね) (ひろ) Shinazugawa Sanehiro?) is the descendant of Sanemi Shinazugawa. He is a police officer.[1]


Sanehiro greatly resembles his ancestor Sanemi, possessing his spiky white hair and large, pale purple eyes. He has several scars after arresting someone who was wielding a knife.[1]

He wears a blue police officer uniform and cap with a circular golden pendent on the front.


Sanehiro is shown to take after his ancestor Sanemi in personality; being rather abrasive, hot-blooded, and stubborn, often times impulsive and quick to lash out.


Sanehiro is patrolling the streets with his police partner, who resembles Genya Shinazugawa, in a police car. At a traffic light that had just gone green, they encounter Sumihiko Kamado who is rushing to school and attempts to jump over the hood of their police car to avoid having to stop. This action startles both Sanehiro and his partner inside the car. Sanehiro is incensed and believes that Sumihiko must be the one they had received seven reports of. They begin to chase after him and Sumihiko runs even faster. Sumihiko is later joined by Tojuro Rengoku, while still being chased by Sanehiro and his partner who continue to shout at the pair to stop, but the pair ignores them.

Sanehiro wants to talk to the school principal.

When the boys arrive at their high school of the boys and the pair somersaults over the closing gate into the school, the police car comes to a halt and Sanehiro walks over to the gate and tells the school principal, who is a descendant of Murata, that they need to talk.[2]


  • Like all descendants, Sanehiro's name contains one of the same kanji as Sanemi's name 実. His surname contains the kanji for "immortality" (不死 shinazu?) and "river" ( gawa?).


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