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Satoko ( (さと) () Satoko?) was a villager betrothed to Kazumi. She was kidnapped and killed by the Swamp Demon.


Satoko was a young girl with black hair, parted at her forehead with short bangs framing her face. Her hair was partially tied with a large, dark pink ribbon on the back of her head.

Satoko wore a magenta-and-white-patterned kimono tied with a purple sash and sandals. Before she was kidnapped, she was seen carrying a decorated pouch.


Not much is known about Satoko's personality, but it appears she had a cheerful attitude seen when she pleasantly laughed while talking with her fiancé.[1]


At some point in her life, Satoko met and became engaged to Kazumi.


First Mission Arc

Satoko is seen walking together with her fiancé, Kazumi, when she suddenly gets sucked into the ground by the Swamp Demon.[1] The Demon kills and devours her, adding her hairpin to his collection.[2]

Abilities and Powers

As an ordinary human, she doesn't possess any additional powers or abilities.


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