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Shizu Shinazugawa (不死 (しなず) (がわ) () () Shinazugawa Shidzu?) was the mother of Sanemi and Genya Shinazugawa.


Shizu was described as a "very short woman" with a "small frame."[1] She had dark colored hair that was fastened in a low bun with her bangs clipped back on the crown of her head. She also had a very small face with large, almond shaped eyes.

Shizu wore a white juban underneath her horizontally stripped yellow kimono, and had a black obi tied around her waist.


Shizu was described as a hard worker who would work from "morning until night" and hardly slept.[1] Despite being in an abusive marriage, and having a small frame, she would always shield her children from her husband, Kyogo's abuse and was considered a "hero" to them.[1]


Shizu had married Kyogo and had a total of 7 children with him. However it was an abusive marriage, and Kyogo would often beat her as well as her kids until he was eventually killed by a rival.[1]


Swordsmith Village Arc

As Genya is about to be fatally wounded in his fight against Hantengu, he recalls the memories of his family. In these flashbacks, Shizu is described as being a hardworking, petite woman who suffered from an abusive marriage until the death of Kyogo.

Some time after Kyogo's death, Shizu had not arrived home on time so her eldest son, Sanemi, had gone out to search for her. While he was away, a knock was heard at her home and her children eagerly ran to welcome whom they thought was their mother. Genya had warned the children not to open the door, but to his horror a creature had gone in and mortally wounded his siblings. The Demon was about to attack Genya, however Sanemi managed to tackle it out of the window and onto the street. After the Demon was killed, Sanemi had realized that it was his mother and Genya frantically held her in his arms as she died, ending the flashback.[1]

Final Battle Arc

As Sanemi lingers between life and death, he calls out to Shizu and asks her to accompany him to heaven. However she tearfully declines his offer, stating that she cannot go to heaven after having killed her children.[2] Sanemi understands his mother's anguish and agrees to carry her to hell and accompany her, but before he can join her, Kyogo interrupts angrily demanding to let go of her. He declares that she will be accompanying him and throws Sanemi as Shizu tearfully reaches out to her son, presuming that Shizu will be accompanied by her husband in hell, leaving Sanemi to regain his consciousness.

Abilities and Powers

Demon Abilities

  • Enhanced Speed: Following her Demon transformation, Shizu's speed advanced greatly. During the attack against her family, her children were slaughtered within seconds of opening the door. Genya even noted that her fast pace made it hard to visually follow her and described her as a wolf.[3]


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