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General Reminders
If you would like to contribute an image, please ensure that:
  • The image is in .png format.
  • The image has a somewhat descriptive title.
    • Ex. Tanjiro fighting Muzan.png (✔) Screenshot 01-01-01.png (✘).
  • The image is not already on the wiki.
  • The image has appropriate categories according to which character, and which chapter the image can be located.
  • If from the manga, ensure that images are from the original Japanese raws. If that isn't possible, English-translated images from licensed publishers (ViZ) may be excused as long as all English text is erased.
If you would like to contribute to an article, please refer to this list!
  • The undoing of correct edits is a form of vandalism that can result in a block.
  • Avoid adding assumptions, or information that has not yet been verified.
  • Follow the general format of similar pages for guidance, or contact an administrator if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Visit our Stub page to see which articles are in desperate need of editing!
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