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General Reminders


If you would like to contribute an image, please abide by this list!

  • The image is in .png format.
  • The image has a somewhat descriptive title.
    • Example: Tanjiro fighting Muzan.png (✔) Screenshot 01-01-01.png (✘).
  • Double check that the image is not already on the wiki.
  • The image has appropriate categories according to which character, and which chapter the image can be located.
  • When uploading images from the manga, please take them from the original Japanese raws. If that isn't possible, English-translated images from licensed publishers (ViZ) may be excused as long as all English text is erased.


If you would like to create an edit on a page, please refer to this list!

  • The undoing of correct edits is a form of vandalism that can result in being blocked.
  • Avoid adding assumptions, or information that has not yet been verified.
  • Follow the general format of similar pages for guidance, or contact an administrator if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Visit our Stub page to see which articles are in desperate need of editing!
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