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Suma ( () () Suma?) is a kunoichi and one of Tengen Uzui's wives.


Suma is a young woman with fair skin and a petite build. She has shoulder-length black hair with short bangs over her forehead and round eyes.

Suma wears a short, black, sleeveless dress with a plunging neckline and slits at the side to reveal her thighs with a lighter design around her cleavage and a light-colored obi. She wears ankle-length tabi socks and sandals.


Suma's personality is particularly similar to Zenitsu Agatsuma's, being overdramatic and exaggerated in practically every situation she's in along with giving off a scared/fearful attitude when it comes to dangerous situations.



Entertainment District Arc

When investigating the Entertainment District, Suma was assigned as an oiran to the Tokito House. However during the investigation, she disappeared and lost contact with Tengen Uzui. When Tanjiro arrives at the Tokito house in disguise, he overhears the rumor that Suma had run off with a wealthy suitor according to her diary, but is immediately doubtful sensing that something more sinister is occurring.

Later on in the arc, Inosuke Hashibira begins to search for the Demon and stumbles upon a cavern with a hanging obi holding multiple people captive. As he begins his assault, he manages to free multiple captives including Suma and Makio. The two women proceed to defend the freed captives from being reabsorbed while Inosuke fights the obi. A large thundering sound is heard coming from above the cave, and Tengen bursts through the ceiling, effectively slashing large portions of the obi. He lets the two women know that he's proud of them causing them both to emotionally tear up.

Infinity Castle Arc

Suma alerts Uzui and Shinjuro that Nezuko Kamado escaped from the Ubayashiki residence and broke down a door.

Abilities and Powers


  • Suma's name is composed of the kanji for "ought, by all means" ( su?) and "grind, polish" ( ma?).
  • According to the second fanbook, Suma is bisexual.
  • According to the second fanbook, Suma was actually Tengen’s original promised wife, Hinatsuru and Makio were personal additions both Tengen and Suma were happy to welcome in.