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Sumire ( (すみ) Sumire?) is the daughter of Sumiyoshi and Suyako, and is the ancestor of the Kamado Family.


Sumire appears as a small toddler, with messy black hair tied back with a pink bow. She has extremely large black eyes that fade to pink with the standard Kamado white pupils.

She wears a grid-patterned pale purple kimono with a light pink obi and has no footwear.


Sumire despite being a toddler was kind and energetic, always wanting to be hugged, picked up and raised into the air in order to who does said action feel better.



Infinity Castle Arc

This is her first appearance, only to be seen in a flashback of Tanjiro's memories that he inherited from his ancestors.

Abilities and Powers

As a normal human, Sumire doesn't perform any supernatural powers.


  • Much like how Sumiyoshi bears a resemblance to Tanjiro, Sumire bears a shocking resemblance in appearance to Nezuko Kamado along with her own mother Suyako.



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